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InGeaR - the new foRd focus

It's strange to consider that a car, released at the start of the year, could be described as the 'most important' car of 2011.


Low Speed Safety System This system is designed to assist you in slow moving traffic and at speeds under 20 mph. If its sensors detect the car in front has unexpectedly stopped, the car applies the brakes automatically. Instant reaction time, the instant you need it.

Lane Departure Warning Lane Departure Warning alerts you before you drift out of lane by vibrating your steering wheel. The level of vibration can be adjusted to three levels of sensitivity and a visual alert pops up on your driver information cluster. A welcome and timely prompt to correct your lane drift.

Lane Keeping Aid If you're slow to react or don’t respond to the Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Aid will apply gentle steering input to help make sure you stay in the correct lane. It's


good to know the new Focus is looking out for you.

Blind Spot Information System Using radar sensors, the Blind Spot Information System is designed to see things that you might not – vehicles hidden in your blind spots. If the sensor detects a car in your blind spot, it alerts you with an orange light in your door mirror to let you know something is coming. Door mirrors have never been so sophisticated and safety-conscious.

Auto-dimming rear-view mirror When driving at night, you could do without being blinded by the lights of the vehicles behind. The innovative auto-dimming rear-view mirror automatically detects headlight glare and switches to a dimmed setting. This helps makes keeping an eye on vehicles behind less distracting and helps you arrive home feeling less tired.

'Active Park Assist' The new Focus has Active Park Assist, which is clever technology

that first checks if a parking space is big enough then automatically steers you in.

Traffic Sign Recognition The new Focus features Traffic Sign Recognition technology. The system identifies traffic and speed signs and displays the information on your instrument cluster.

If ,like many discerning drivers, you are looking for an eye catching drive that offers both performance under the hood and safety features to match then you will not be disappointed with the new Focus range. Despite some mutterings from previous generation Focus owners that this new range is 'a little racy' looking for there liking I have no doubt that for a new breed of Focus driver as well those who are a little more accommodating when it comes to change, Ford have ticked all the right boxes to continue the success story that is the Focus. So does the future look bright? I think so.

FORD FOCUS TITANIUM Price: from £21,250

Engine: Petrol 1.6 Duratec Ti-VCT ( 125 PS ) Petrol 1.6 EcoBoost ( 150 PS ) Diesel 1.6 Duratorq TDCi ( 115 PS ) Diesel 2.0 Duratorq TDCi ( 140 PS )

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