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Levi Roots - GastRo InteRview

had to invest in a bible; as per my mothers instructions of course. Where upon I was compel to read Psalm 23 and the rest as they say is history.

When you look back at the pitch, was the moment where you regained your composure, the beginning of the rest of your life? Yes!! and also that of a composed reassuring figure of Mr Richard Farley tapping his fingers away in accompaniment to my song, that's when I knew I've got this whole investment business in the bag.

regards to the shows credence and mind you they did advise against my participation. This therefore prompted me to comply with the shows invitation, just so that I can simply prove my children wrong for doubting me.

How did your prepare yourself for your 'Dragon's Den' pitch? Apart from ones usual business plan and the accompaniment of a guitar, I

Your 'Reggae Reggae Cookbook', is a compilation of traditional and adapted Jamaican recipes, presented in an unconventional recipe-book style. What can we expect from your new book ' Spice It Up'? The new book is about my journey as an entrepreneur, but I always as I keep reiterating to the people that I encounter; that I could not possibly be able to make you into an entrepreneur but I can inspire you to become one.. and that's what the crux of the book is all about. The core message is that you can achieve

anything that you put your mind to by having a bit of passion.

Your cookbooks are like taking a snap shot of your life and your experiences that are then brought to life in your food. With this in mind, do you find it easy to write these type of cookbooks? I would have to say yes and no, as the book writing process requires a careful meticulous research with myself and my able benevolent team putting everything together.

What are the secrets to cooking 'Levi Roots' dishes? Simplicity is the best option.

You have focused your life experience and new found fame into helping others achieve their goals and dreams. What other aspirations do you have? Maybe a life story? What a peculiar thought, but yes if the truth be told as I am still young.

Finally, Who would you want to play you in the film of your life? Well me of cause, for there can only be one Reggae Reggae Star.



In this delicious collection of 100 recipes, Levi Roots plunders his spice cupboard to create some exciting new dishes using everyday ingredients. Levi dubs up

all of our favourite classic recipes, adding a tamarind and orange glaze to lamb chops, making a lime jerk marinade for chicken, cooking salmon with chilli and dishing up a spiced tropical fruit pilaf to name

but a few. With a r.r.p of £ 18.00, you can pick up a signed copy free by being one of our winners in our 'Spice It Up' competition.

To be in with a chance of winning, send your name and contact information to Subject: Spice It Up. One entry per person, closing date Friday September 12th. Winners will be notified by e-mail T's & C's can be obtained on request.


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