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Levi Roots - GastRo InteRview

home were mostly prepared with fresh ingredients; whilst in the UK!!! you normally get the frozen stuff. So by and large the taste would be slightly different to what you are normally used to, which turns to have a greater impact in how you prepare your future meals; by adding the right herbs to create the flavours that are palatable to your taste.

What differences did you notice in the way that food and ingredients were prepared or used between the different cultures? I must admit that back then, it was difficult to obtain most of the Caribbean ingredients to begin with. However because of our multiculturalism, I would say that there's not much difference to detect; as Caribbean cooking derives it's influences from an infusion of cultures and this is what makes it special.

How would you describe your style of cooking? FABULOUSIUOS!!!!. The best description to my cooking style can best be summarised as, authentic Caribbean cooking made easy. As my grandmother use to say "easy does It"

Your parents moved to Brixton, from Jamaica, to set up home when you were very young. Was it your Grandparents influences that first ignited your love of music and food? My grand mama Miriam was a fantastic cook, and it would have been a great travesty if I had not been able to have inherited any form of culinary skills from my upbringing by her. In regards to music, it is inescapable as the Island of Jamaica has more churches per capita than any other country in the world, plus my grandparents sang all the time when engaging in their daily chores; typical Caribbeans I say.

What did your Grandparents teach you that you still evangelise today? My grandparents daily utterances and investments was for us all (children and grandchildren) to have the right moral compass to steer us towards the right path in life. As they believed unequivocally that, a moral person can navigate their way through life with very little palaver.


With 6 of you and Grandparents living in one house, did you all help to prepare the evening meals? Not necessarily, as we were all required to do our chores; but the older siblings were the ones that were required to undertake more responsibilities.

When you came over to England when you were 13/14 did you notice a change in your mothers cooking that helped shape your style today? Most definitely, as the cooking back

The core message is that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to by having a bit of passion.


You dabbled with a number of different business ideas (Clothes shop owner / mortgage advisor/financial advisor) before returning to your two loves of music and food. Did these experiences become vital assets to you when it came to running your own business? Extremely so!! as a wise-man once said to me 'money cannot buy experience' and I have been fortunate enough to have had these experiences from my previous dalliances.

You had been selling your Reggae Reggae sauce at the Notting Hill Carnival since 1991, always selling out and always coming back each year to find that more and more people were buying. When 'Dragon's Den' approached you, what made you decide to go for it? As you might have gathered from my previously utterances at my various engagements, I hadn't a clue as to what the show was about, but upon proping my further children in

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