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When did your love of food begin? My passion for food started with cooking with my Grandma in La Rochelle. Everything was home made, smelled wonderful and was so exciting, so even before I finished school I was spending time working in a restaurant and it went from there.

Who has been the biggest influence in your career? I would say that the biggest influences in my career are Grandma, Alain Ducasse and Pierre Gagnaire. They create stunning dishes and present them in truly artistic and imaginative ways. The restaurants they have around the world are always top quality and are always something to aspire to for any chef. You always look to achieve more and just by reading some of their publications, looking in the culinary magazines in France and seeing all the new trends and new ideas is always something you want to try and replicate, or add to your own accomplishments.

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What excites you about the Summer and is there a particular season you prefer to cook with? The summer is a beautiful time, particularly if the sun is shining of course. Where I am from the summer is truly the summer with scorching hot temperatures, light and refreshing dishes to cook. Simple elegant food to be enjoyed outside on terraces, beach fronts, gardens with large glasses of wine of course. The summer always brings out the best in people, they are more relaxed, more open to trying new things, the temperatures go to their heads and there is so much more laughter and lightness about

everyone. Its is great time to cook as you can create fantastic fish dishes which are stunningly simple, fresh crisp salads with lots of crunchy vegetables in - always smiling.

Chloe's is also known for its fantastic Wines that compliment the food superbly. Do you buy the wine that compliments the food or is it sometimes that you create dishes that can compliment the wine? With the wine I have to say that the best part of putting a wine list together - is all the sampling!! We created our wine list (and it is always changing and being updated) over a period of time. We tried all the wines ourselves, we looked at the different regions of France and also then discussed what type of menu we would be doing as a staple base at Chloes and matched some of the wines to it, although not all. Some of the wines are a sheer indulgence but as they are particularly superb then they will match many of the dishes that I create so they are excellent to have on the list at all times. Evidently you have to have the classics on there too so that people recognise them and feel safe when they are making their choices. Most good restaurants should always choose their own wine list as it gives them their own identity and its something they are proud to recommend.

Diners have been seeing an awful lot more of you recently ( especially the ladies ), can you tell us a little about the 'Naked Chef Calendar'? Oh the seeing a lot more of me! Yes that was something I casually agreed to over a Bar-B-Q when someone presented the idea of doing a

Calendar of local chefs. Evidently whilst enjoying myself in the sunshine with wine and food I agreed it was a marvellous idea and could be counted on to take part. It was only closer to the time that the last finer details were laid bare so to speak - that I had to be naked! I was, of course, slightly concerned about this minor detail but felt I couldn't back out as I had agreed ages ago, and even knew the month I was supposed to feature. We also had a couple of friends that had suffered prostate cancer so it was a cause very close to us. The calendar was great fun, although in broad daylight lying across the piano with the blinds not quite closed was slightly worrying. It was brilliantly put together, the photos were very professional and the support we had was amazing. I believe it has raised around £10,000 the last time I asked which is a truly inspirational amount to raise based on a crazy idea, from a crazy friend. Well done Kim I say.

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