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A sheet of printed pages which on folding become a section of a catalogue

Size specification chart Chart of measurements for each size/area on a garment. Listed in sizes, graded e.g. 8,10, 12/area - bust, waist, hips. Checking chart to ensure each size measured to correct customer’s sizing.

SKU Skyscraper SMG Social network (ing) SOR Source code Stock keeping unit – individual units of stock

Typically a tall vertical online ad that is usually seen running down the side of a web page

Slow Moving Goods: can also refer to a distribution centre for such merchandise

Sites allowing users to interact with like-minded individuals in special interest groups

Sales or Return - can be applied to concessions

A unique sequence of numbers and letters applied to each advertisement placed, each promotion run etc that enables orders to be tracked back to the specific promotion. The code must be present on the response device or precede the product code, or direct responders to a certain web landing page in order that response by each media and offer can be accurately measured.

Spam SPI Spider Split test

Unsolicited email messages, often poorly targeted, and frequently from dubious sources

Service Performance Indicators - used to manage performance of logistics provider

Software programmes that index web pages for search engines

To take two of more sections from a list – whether for mailing, telemarketing or emailing – for the testing of one variable at a time eg: creative treatment, pricing, a special offer, etc. Only meaningful if test samples are separately coded for accurate measurement.


A package of benefits that go beyond straightforward advertising to establish and communicate an association between an advertiser and a medium or body


Standard deviation Statement stuffer

Stock code Streaming banners Sub-groups SUP Supply Chain Sweepstakes

T TCF paper

Third Party Logisitcs (3PL)

TIFF Tints

Supplier Relationship Management Variance of values from the mean

A promotional insert included with a monthly invoice or statement to a customer (and occasionally included with third party invoices or statements).

Computer generated number given to stock in storage

Banners that carry streamed video as opposed to traditional online banners

Sub-divisions of a sample segment : i.e.: past 12 month responders; females; those who have spent more than

Standard Unit Pack - retailers specification to supplier on packaging GMB/accessories

The supply chain encompasses all activities involved in the planning, manufacture and distribution of goods from the point of origin to the end user.

An offer revolving around a random draw of all respondents whether or not they make a purchase.

Totally chlorine free paper.

A logistics provider, usually asset-based, which focuses on specific elements of the supply chain in order to optimise the physical movement of goods though those specific nodes.

Tagged image file format. Images are saved in this format so that they can be exchanged between different computer applications.

A shade of one colour or of combined colours ecmod DIRECT COMMERCE YEAR BOOK 2011 67 White goods White mail WIGIG Wiki Woodfree Paper


ZBB Web press WEEE Tracking surveys Trim size


Upselling Upstream URL USP UV coating UV varnish V VM

W Warehouse types

Visual Merchandising

A public warehouse in which any trader can deposit any goods A Physical warehouse where the warehouse keeper takes on full responsibility for the goods therein, or owns the goods.

Web Web 2.0 A roll of printing paper

Emerging technologies and user sophistication levels. Refers primarily though not exclusively to social networking sites, blogs and podcasts

A type of press that prints onto rolls of paper (typically for large runs)

UK Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment regulations – legislation that places obligations on all businesses who manufacture, distribute and retail new electrical and electronic equipment

Refers to electrical products which were traditionally “white”, such as fridges and cookers

Response that cannot be attributed to a specific campaign or media

Retail promoting term to mean “when it’s gone, it’s gone”.

A site that depends on visitors to add, edit and remove content

Paper that contains chemical wood pulp and no mechanical wood pulp.

Weekly Sales Stock and Intake

Zero Based Budgeting: budgeting system where each task or function is justified from the first principles, see also ABC.

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Tip on Tipping on TQM

Glued and inserted promotional literature e.g. cards/ fliers stuck on specific page.

Applying a voucher, card, small product sample or gift onto a mailing piece via glue dots or similar

Total Quality Management. Used to describe control and removal of errors from a process or processed to a certain minimum standard,

Repeated survey exercises which use the same questions in order to monitor changes in attitude or behaviour

The final size of a printed page when the last trim is made

Total Supply Cost. Retailers benchmark.

Making offers to customers at the point of ordering to encourage them to order more products thereby increasing their average order value

Term used in the supply chain to refer to the source of the product.

Universal resource locators. Links/paths to webpages and content on the internet.

Unique Selling Point.

A liquid laminate that is bonded and cured with ultra- violet light

A clear liquid applied to printed pages (often the covers) for appearance and protection

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