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Dual sourcing

Refers to a buying office purchasing from 2 separate countries the same product, i.e. UK market-quick delivery, high price versus China - slow delivery, low price.


Duty E


A rough pre-production layout of a print publication showing positions of images and text as well as finished size

The tax payable on imported goods

European Article Numbering: barcode system used primarily in the retail industry and controlled by the European Article Numbering Association

A company’s earnings before interest, tax and depreciation

Every Channel Mastered Optimised Delivered – the largest annual conference & exhibition for the direct commerce sector, plus Supplier Awards and ECMOD Direct Commerce Awards.


Efficient Consumer Response (ECR)


Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Email black lists

The year-round virtual exhibition website for ECMOD Direct Commerce Show

Electronic data interchange – a standard for the exchange of business data

A practice for supply chain and business improvements with the focus on improving all aspects of meeting customer demand with better response. Not to be confused with electronic funds register

Electronic invoice presentation & payment – not requiring hard copy (paper) to exchange hands

Process of making payments electronically. Offers potential to reduce payment times and risk of errors

Lists of IP addresses that are collected for filtering against incoming email traffic – often but not always because they have been identified as broadcasters of spam

Email bounce – hard Email bounce – soft Enquirers Envelope Sizes EOA EPOS


EPU Expert Register Eye-tracking F FIFO Flatted packed

Floor ready merchandise

First in First out: Warehousing term, meaning that the oldest inventory (first in) is to be used (first out), see also LIFO

Garment folded and individually bagged in bulk distribution centres

Practise of delivering merchandise to stores prepared so that it can go straight to shelf or rail - i.e. price tagging and store hanger complete.


An email address that is rejected by the recipient’s server – can be due to typos or mis-formatting of email address or because the address has ceased to exist.

A valid email address that is rejected by the recipient’s server for reasons such as a full mailbox

Individuals who have requested catalogues or made other enquiries about your products and services but who have not yet purchased

C4 - 229 x 324mm, C5 - 162 x 229mm C6 - 114 x 162mm, DL - 110 x 220mm

End of Aisle. (Can refer to retail or warehouse)

Electronic Point of Sale. A term used for different types of computer used to support the sales process.

Electronic point of sale (in retail context)

Encapsulated postscript file. A file that contains postscript information that can be transferred between different computer programs.

Entry Processing Unit

The recruitment service for the direct commerce sector operated by Synergy Partnership Ltd., parent of Direct Commerce magazine and ECMOD

A measure of how the reader’s eyes travel over a printed catalogue page, advertisement or web page



Gatefold Ghosting GIGO Grain Gross weight H

Haulage HDTV HHT

Hotline names

House Air Waybill (HAWB)

House file/list HTML I IAN


Image area Importer

Imposition Indicia Insert Inventory control




J Java

JPEG (or jpg)

K Kerning

International Article Numbering. Referring to World barcode standards rather than European

Internal Branch Transfer Instant messaging

Part of the page on which ink can be applied The trader importing the goods

Positioning the pages so that they will fold in the right order to create the finished catalogue

Printed postal “frank” – usually on back of catalogue cover in addressing section

This is something that is placed between pages of a magazine, generally a piece of paper or card.

Management process to ensure that products are handled efficiently and accurately

Integrated Point of Sale Internet Protocol Television In-store Collection

Integrated Services Digital Network: standard medium for transmitting voice, video and data over networks

In Sore Ordering Internet Service Provider

Internet Trading Exchange: Electronics B2B marketplace

Programming language

Joint photographic expert group. This is a lossy compression file format widely used on the internet.

Adjusting the spaces between letters.

Commercial movement of goods by road High definition television

Hand Held Terminals. An electronic method of scanning bar code labels using a portable reader to collect data for down-loading at a later date to a PC

The most recent names added to a mailing list – past 30 days, past 60 days, past 90 days – depending on the scale of the list

A bill of lading issued by a forwarder to a shipper for goods that will be consolidated for shipment with other cargo

A company’s own database of customers and prospects gathered over time from customer transactions, catalogue requests etc..

Hype Text Mark-up Language. A computer coding language commonly used to produce and format webpages.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Anything that moves and sells fast (i.e. white goods, clothing, computers, etc)

Free on Board

This is a printed product with a page with two flaps instead of one which tucks under the other.

Feint image that appears on the printed page where not intended; usually a design rather than a print fault

Goods In/Goods Out. Sometimes GI/GO (also Garbage in, Garbage Out)

The direction in which the paper fibres lie

The total weight of: 1: The vehicle plus goods and fuel, 2: The garments including presentation and transit packaging

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