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A ABC Above the fold ACD Activity Based Costing. Method of cost modelling.

The area of an email or web page that is immediately viewable without need to scroll

Automatic Call Distributor - a routing system deployed in call centre environments which ensures that calls are responded to by available operators. An ACD system also provides extensive demand data to help plan staffing.

Ad hoc Ad views

Ad-Hoc reporting ADSL

Advertiser funded content

Advertising network

One off specific actions as in marketing tactic; survey A visitor seeing an ad

Individual data queries used to extract data

Asymmetric digital subscriber line – better known as broadband

Increasingly common in the digital world – content developed as a result of a partnership between an advertiser and a media owner.

Applicable to both traditional & new media – where one “agent” represents a number of media and offers exposure across all or part of its network of titles in a single transaction & often at advantageous rates

Affiliate marketing Allocation

Anchor text AOV ASA

ASP Assigned mail date

Results based advertising most commonly adopted via online links to/from compatible websites

To sort items into packs, either solid size, solid colours or ratio packs

The visible text for a hyperlink Average order value

Average speed of Answer. A measure of performance and service levels in a Call Centre

Average selling price

A pre-agreed and exclusive mailing date held for the mailer by the list owner to help avoid the dilution of response if other similar mailings were delivered at the same time

Assortment Management

Attrition model Auto responder Autodialler

Automatic Store Opening


B B to B (B2B)

B to C (B2C) Back End Back-Hauling Barcoding

Developing a range of good according to product attributes such as price, brand, size and colour, which can then be applied to different store grades

A model derived from existing and historical customer data that can predict which customers are likely to lapse or cease to buy

A script line that is automatically bounced back to the sender of an email to confirm its receipt and to advise what action is being taken

A machine that automatically dials telephone numbers for outbound calling either sequentially or in a programmed mode.

Process where store replenishment orders are generated automatically from data capture of sales, stocks and deliveries due.

Average cost

Term used to describe a business to business company

Term used to describe a business to consumer company

All activities post mailing or post order. Refers to fulfilment, returns processing, response analysis etc.

Practice where a vehicle delivering to stores is then used to collect other goods from a conveniently accessible location on the return journey

A code made up of alternating black and white strips of varying thickness and combinations. This code is machine readable.

Brown goods C CAN

Captive audience network – private TV networks that reach people in a specific environment (out of the home) where they are likely to be receptive to information

Card deck

A collated and enclosed set of postcards carrying from advertising offers from various businesses, often based on affinity groups or interests and more common in the B2B media mix

CareerZone ™

The rising star in online recruitment channels linking top quality candidates with the cream of employment opportunities in the catalogue, home shopping &,multi-channel sectors

ecmod DIRECT COMMERCE YEAR BOOK 2011 61 Bot Bounce back Brand extension Brand value Branding


Brightness (paper) Broker’s commission

BOGOF Bonded warehousing Blog BDC2(M) BG Bill of lading Bind Bleed BDC1(M)

Bulk distribution carton, as used by many mail order and retail companies. (M) = metric size opposed to imperial

Smaller version of above. (M) = metric version rather than imperial

Boxed garments or flat packed

A document issued by a carrier for the receipt of goods for shipment

To create a finished catalogue by gluing, wiring or threading the signatures (sheets) together

Print that goes to the edge of the sheet after trimming

The regular publication of information – often by a single person – of views and thoughts with web links; often used as an informal interface by businesses to communicate and share news with customers

Blog feed Blogger

Blogosphere Bluetooth

XML file which distributes blog content for syndication to other sites

A person or organisation that runs a blog The community of bloggers and blog officianados

Standard for wireless personal area networks which allows information to be exchanged between mobile phones, PDAs, PCs, games consoles etc..

Buy one get one Free - retail promoting term

A “holding” warehouse in which goods can be placed without paying taxes or tariffs prior to shipment to customers when taxes and tariffs will fall due.

Abbreviation for robot (spider) which is used to index pages for search engine optimisation and/or harvest email addresses

The inclusion of a current (and often the same catalogue as ordered from) catalogue with a customer’s order.

The development of new products or offerings under an existing brand name

In financial terms the asset value of a brand as stated on a company’s balance sheet

A function of marketing which seeks to differentiate and add value to one product or service so as to distinguish it from other products or services.

British Retail Consortium (

Business reply envelope, often A6, can require the customer to apply postage or bear the mailer’s account indicia

The brilliance or reflective qualities of paper

Ordinarily 20 per cent of the base rental charges and sometimes also the selection charges which paid to the List Broker by the List manager or List owner by way of a discount from the rental invoice

Refers to electrical products that are not “white” in colours such as Hi-Fi equipment, shavers and hairdryers

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