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Unique Palsgaard®

PGPR 4150 is the most

functional product on the market. Its outstanding effect on the yield value in chocolate- and compound products makes it an excellent choice to control the flow properties and reduce the fat content.

Palsgaard® PGPR 4150 is unique

for demanding applications such as enrobing, very low fat formulations and in general where you need precise control over flow properties and quality.

These outstanding properties are measured on batch-level in chocolate, where the Viscosity Reducing Power (VRP) is determined.

Uniform The VRP of Palsgaard®

PGPR 4125

is famous for its uniformity – a critical benefit allowing a smooth and problem free production for our customers.

Being designed for chocolate and compound products, this is thoroughly documented.

Palsgaard® PGPR 4125 always ensures

the confectionery producers a stable performance in their products and provides a very good reduction in yield value. These functionalities secure an easy flowing chocolate and compound and enable a low fat content.

• Documented stable performance • Neutral flavour and taste • Transparent • Min. 2 year shelf life

• Vegetable, non hydrogenated, non-GMO

Standard Palsgaard®

PGPR 4120 meets the usual

high Palsgaard standards and provides our customers with a number of valued properties. Extraordinary efforts have been made to optimize raw material and process costs while still maintaining the essential characteristics placing it as a leader of its kind:

Viscosity Reducing Power (VRP)

80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10

0 1 Pa.s No PGPR added

Batch-to-Batch stability

100 110 120 130

0.20% reference PGPR 0.20% Palsgaard® 2 PGPR 4150 Time [min.]

60 70 80 90

Timeframe - 2 years Uniformity – Palsgaard® PGPR 4125

VRP on Palsgaard®

PGPR 4150 is typically

30% more efficient than reference PGPR types in the market.

The figure shows the superior batch-to-batch stability of Palsgaard® over 2 years.

PGPR 4125 monitored

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