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Pelham~Windham News Volume 8 Number 47 June 17, 2011 16 Pages Salem High School 2011 Commencement Ceremony

by K. Robinson Grant Field at Salem High School (SHS) was overflowing with anxious and excited family members and friends waiting to see their graduates receive their diplomas. There was an endless supply of cameras and hundreds of flowers waiting to end up in their graduates’ arms. As the processional began, graduates began to walk into the field from both sides, each side led by one of their advisors, Stephen Goyette and Sarah Terk. Some students were adorned with robes and medals in declaration of achievements, while others decorated their caps. The female students wore white gowns while the male students wore blue. Excited graduates waived to their loved ones and hugged and held hands as they walked and stood by their seats. The Air Force ROTC Color Guard started the night with a presentation of colors. The SHS Honors chorus performed the Star-Spangled Banner, at which point senior graduates joined them. Whispers of the crowd were heard in the background as they quietly sang with the chorus, who gave a memorable performance. The Pledge of Allegiance was given by Matthew Vincent and followed with a moment of silence for 2003 SHS graduate Michael Cook, who was killed in a rocket attack last week while fighting for our freedom in Iraq. The Honors Chorus sang “You Raise Me Up,” which was directed by Ellen Bosch. Emotion shined through each singer’s face as they honored their peers with their performance. The motto of SHS states, “Truth,

Honor, Integrity.” This was never expressed greater than by SHS’s principal, Maura Palmer. She divulged the crowd about how wonderful the past year has been and how this class has changed her life for the better. Principal Palmer welcomed all in attendance and said, “it has been a pleasure and privilege of serving as their principal this past year. This day represents an accomplishment for you and your child. Be assured you have done a remarkable parenting job. Your sons and daughters are graduates from Salem High School.”

Class President Michael Melino proceeds to the podium for his speech ECRWSS



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Salem High School’s Class of 2011 lines the field to begin the ceremony

Honors Chorus

She gave acknowledgement to a job well done by the teachers who made a difference in each graduate’s life and helped prepare them for a life ahead. Graduates gave a standing ovation while clapping as a thank-you to their parents and faculty members. ”I congratulate you from graduating from high school and applaud you for your determination and perseverance,” said Principal Palmer. Principal Palmer explained her admiration and respect for the class of 2011 by stating how they have come together as a unified class and have set a positive example for the rest of the school. She was

inspired by their ability to raise $5,800 for the Make-A-Wish foundation, which was granted to a little girl, Stella, who will be able to enjoy a trip to Disney World set up by a marketing class. “Thank you for the example you have set for the underclassmen and you will make a difference in the world,” said Palmer. The Class of 2011 then received

words of wisdom by their Salutatorian, Valedictorian, and the Class President. Michaela Fascione, Salutatorian, expressed to her classmates to remember back to where they were freshman year—the anxiousness and

Real diplomas

excitement that followed starting a new chapter in their lives. She asked only two things of them—to say “thank you” to family and teachers for their support and to understand that it’s not important to be the best, but to strive for it. Michaela has proven that striving to be the best is something that can be accomplished. She gives her peers this as a message of experience, as she has taken honors and AP courses and is a member of the Key Club, National Honor Society, and the Math Team. She left her classmates with, “it’s only the beginning.” Valedictorian Stephanie Cabral

Max Jacques, laughing and having fun

explained how life isn’t only about the numbers. This spoke volumes to her classmates as the one holding the top GPA and a perfect score on the math SATs. She expressed that throughout high school, you create bonds, you laugh and cry, make friends, take exams, and take part in competitions. However, she explained that graduating means more than meeting numbers and requirements. Understanding what the important of caring for each other, valuing education, and the bonds you make with interpersonal relationships means continued to page 8- SHS Graduation

Windham Far

Exceeds State

Population Increase

by Barbara O’Brien

According to statistics gathered through the 2010 United States Census, the population of the Town of Windham, New Hampshire has far exceeded the growth of the state in which it is located. Situated in the southernmost tier of New Hampshire, Windham has seen a veritable population explosion within the past 10 years. According to recent statistics, Windham is now home to approximately 16,000 residents. Based on the U.S. Census conducted last year, this translates into a 26.9-percent population increase since the beginning of the 21st Century. Windham’s population escalation is more than 400 percent that of New Hampshire as a whole. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, New Hampshire’s population grew only 6.5 percent during the preceding decade. In comparison, two of Windham’s closest neighboring communities also grew much more than the State’s increase, but still less than that of Windham. The Town of Pelham’s population increased by 18.2 percent between 2000 and 2010, while the number of residents living in the Town of Salem jumped 16.5 percent during those same years.

Oz’s Dorothy Meets Wonderland’s Alice

by Robyn Hatch The Penguin Players of the Pelham Community

Theatre and Arts delighted the audience with their version of Dorothy Meets Alice last Friday and Saturday, June 10 and 11. The performance’s actors come from the different schools in the Pelham area, and the production was once again directed by Janet Daigle. Close to 75 people attended the wonderful performances. With a cast of 11, two of literature’s most unforgettable young ladies, Alice of Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy of The Wizard of Oz, get mixed up together in a magical meeting that produces hilarious results as the audience becomes reacquainted with a cast of familiar characters and sees them in a new light: the Cowardly Lion, the White Rabbit, the Tin Man, the Mad Hatter, the Scarecrow, the Dormouse, the Queen, and the Witch from those enduring classics. This fun-filled romp follows Alice and Dorothy and their coteries as they try to unscramble their stories with the help of a contemporary young lad who started the whole thing to begin with when he put off a book report until the very last minute. With script and lyrics by the award-winning children’s playwright Joseph Robonette and Broadway musicals, Dorothy Meets Alice is a fun and fanciful fantasy at its finest.

Te cast, minus Tin Man (Faith Boisvert): Cowardly Lion (Jack MacLean), Judson (Jacob Dahlinger), Red Queen (Lydia Lewis), Wicked Witch (Kaiyleigh Hyder), Scarecrow (Josephine Jozokos), Mad Hatter (Clayton Hansford), Dorothy (Mackenzie Lever), Door Mouse (Kelsey Vinciguerra), White Rabbit (Ella MacLean), and Alice (Haley Viciquerra)

A smiling Dorothy (Mackenzie Lever)

Mad Hatter (Clayton Hansford)

White Rabbit (Ella MacLean)

Red Queen (Lydia Lewis)

staff photos by Robyn Hatch staff photos by Robyn Hatch


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