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Your Audition

Audition Requirements Full details appear on the department pages at — please check these regularly. You are welcome to contact the Registry or the department administrator if you have any queries.

The precise format for auditions will vary according to Principal-study. In most cases auditions will last from 20 to 30 minutes. As time is limited, you may be interrupted before you have performed a complete piece.

You may be given sight-reading or quick study tests. Instrumentalists may be asked to play scales, arpeggios, etc to ABRSM Grade 8 standards: see

Musicianship and keyboard skills tests may be required of all prospective undergraduates, who are also asked to bring a short piano piece to demonstrate their level of keyboard skills.

Written paper: all undergraduate candidates are required to take a 50-minute written paper which comprises harmonisation of a short melody and a choice of short essay questions of a general musical nature. The Academy regrets that it cannot issue specimen papers.

Whilst the Academy provides a pool of accompanists for the London auditions in December, you are strongly advised to bring your own.

Access Arrangements Please inform the Registry well in advance if you will have any access requirements when you come for audition. This will enable us to discuss your needs and have the appropriate arrangements in place for you.

Notification of Results The Registry will notify all candidates of the result of their audition by post as soon as possible. All offers made are conditional upon the candidate achieving the stated educational and language requirements.

International Candidates If you live in Europe, you must attend the main London auditions in December 2011 (Spring 2012 for Conducting, Choral Conducting or research degrees). Other international candidates are strongly advised to do likewise (but also see below).

Please see for full details of all international auditions.

Candidates from North America If you live in Canada or the USA, you must audition in either London (December 2011, or Spring 2012 for Conducting, Choral Conducting or research degrees) or North America (March 2012, in New York). Auditions in North America are not open to candidates for Opera, Percussion, Jazz, Organ, Harpsichord, Conducting, Choral Conducting, Musical Theatre, Répétiteur or Research degrees. The application deadline to audition in North America is 9th January 2012 and the application fee is £150.

Candidates from East Asia Auditions take place in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong and Taipei. If you live in East Asia, you must attend one of these auditions or the main auditions held in London in December 2011. Auditions in East Asia are not open to candidates for Opera, Percussion, Jazz, Conducting, Choral Conducting, Musical Theatre or Research degrees. It may not be possible to audition Harp, Organ or Historical Performance candidates because of limitations at the host venues.

Deadlines for auditions in East Asia are specified by the relevant centre: please see Application enquiries should be directed as follows:

PR China Centre Professor Su Zhen, Central Conservatory of Music, 43 Bao Jia Street, Beijing, PR China 100031 Telephone/Fax +86 10 83511052 Email

Japan Centre Mrs Yoko Takamoto 65-1-203 Kamimaruko-tenjincho, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 211-0007 Japan Telephone/Fax +81 44 744 1687 Japanese mobile telephone 090 3451 5912 Email

Korea Centre Dr. Jae Eun Shin, DMA Telephone +82 (0)10 9334 8749 Email

Hong Kong Centre The Dean, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts 1 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong Telephone +852 2584 8500 Fax

+852 2802 4372

Taiwan Centre Miss Aki Lin, 8F-1, #181, Chang-an E. Road, Sec. 2, Taipei, Taiwan ROC Telephone +886 (0)2 2772 9432 Fax

+886 (0)2 2773 8834 Email

Video Recordings If you do not live in Europe, East Asia or North America, the Academy will accept videos (DVD all-region only) for most Principal Studies.

All recordings must be received by 1st October 2011 and must be authenticated by a person of authority. You must complete both the standard London application form and the video form, which is available on request from Please note that if you audition by recording, you will not normally be eligible for an entrance scholarship or financial assistance.

Visas If you will need a support letter to help apply for a visa to attend an audition in London, please contact after you have submitted your Academy application.

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