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MA and MMus in Performance

Introduction The MA and MMus in Performance are aimed at aspiring professional performers who have normally completed an undergraduate course to a high level of performance before entry. The flexible programmes of study provide training to meet the demands of the profession and support for the development of an individual professional profile in an environment in which students are able to reach the highest possible standards. The programmes aim to form a ‘bridge’ to a performance career and those who apply should have a clear idea of their future aims.

Students are involved in the full gamut of ensemble and complementary activities: chamber music, orchestras, opera, early music, contemporary music, church music etc, as arranged by faculty and monitored closely by the Postgraduate Tutors, who assist in balancing the work-load.

Students at this level are expected to perform regularly. There are opportunities to play in lunchtime and early-evening concerts, to perform concertos with the Academy’s orchestras, and to participate in performance classes and masterclasses, Composer festivals and the Academy’s wide range of competitive prizes and ensemble performances.

The MA in Performance focuses on a performer’s professional development, and is designed to allow maximum flexibility for students to concentrate upon the range of activities offered within their faculty, and to develop their own performance initiatives. The Professional Portfolio (see below) provides a framework for students to prepare for a quickly evolving profession and is supported by a large team within the Academy.

Both of the MMus Programmes (MMus Concert Project and MMus in Performance and Research) have been created in response to the changing demands of the music profession and a shift of focus among concert promoters and recording companies to work on a project-by-project basis. The programmes are for students who wish to expand and develop high- level performance opportunities with practically-oriented academic study and research. Students come from diverse backgrounds, and may be conservatoire or university graduates with a range of career aspirations.

The MMus Concert Project focuses on the development and delivery of a concert event in all of its aspects, specifically exploring the roles of research (in the widest sense) in creating and sustaining performance opportunities. Students follow elements of the MA programme, and in addition explore their research interests through a concert event supported by a 5,000-word written component.

The MMus in Performance and Research aims to provide first-hand insight into the ways in which performance research is developing through different strata of the music profession, and to provide opportunities for students to explore a variety of projects (editorial, analytic / aesthetic, and a lecture-recital) under close supervision. Students follow elements of the MA programme, in addition to a specialist research pathway, which ultimately leads to a 10,000-word research project. All student work is focused directly on their developing performance profiles, with the aim of opening possibilities and supporting the highest aspirations.

Both MMus programmes are taught by a team within the Academy and visiting experts, and all students take part in a weekly workshop session which provides opportunities to explore the implications of the research perspectives opened by the courses in a direct practical context.

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Principal Study (MA and MMus) Learning Outcomes You will be equipped technically and musically to demonstrate a distinctive interpretative personality in both solo and ensemble live concert performances. You will have gained confidence and experience with the range of skills expected of you in your area of the music profession, and learned critically to evaluate your own performance.

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Assessment Final Recital (or equivalent) Concerto Assessment (or equivalent) Profile Report on Faculty Activity, including reports from individual lessons, concerts, performance classes, ensembles, etc.

Professional Portfolio (MA and MMus) Learning Outcomes You will be equipped to present a portfolio as summary of those aspects of your work while at the Academy that are of most importance for the development of your individual professional profile. A key aim is the development of confidence in adapting presentational skills to the demands of particular professional contexts.

All students produce promotional materials and a reflective commentary, but there is also a range of elective opportunities to extend your professional development in the following areas: Concert Workshop, Critical Interpretation, Promotional Skills, Education Work, and Technology.

Project Work (MMus only) Learning Outcomes You will have learned to establish research aims relevant to your individual development as musicians, and to draw on a range of research processes which allow such aims to be realised at a high level. You will have developed a critical awareness of how your work relates to developments within the profession and within practice- based research and/or musicology.

Options One of: Research Project Concert Project.

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