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Principal Professor Jonathan Freeman-Attwood

Principal’s PA: Kate McKiernan Hon ARAM Telephone 020 7873 7377 Email

‘The Academy exudes a cosmopolitan confidence in tune with the global classical music business... Teaching is outstanding. So is the value it adds. And in a performance art where work can be precarious, it rolls out musicians who are highly employable’ The Guardian, May 2009

‘An excellent project from the Royal Academy of Music, outstanding... a really good recital... there’s a lot to enjoy here, and to admire’ BBC Radio 3 ‘Building a Library’, March 2010

Professor Jonathan Freeman-Attwood BMus, MPhil, Hon RAM, FKC

Studied at University of Toronto and Christ Church, Oxford. Recording producer for numerous independent record labels including Channel Classics, BIS, Chandos, Naxos, ASV, Hyperion, Simax etc., many of which have won major awards and prizes.

As a trumpet player, he has performed widely with solo recitals and discs of sonatas and concerti, including ‘Bach Connections’. His series of solo discs for Linn Records encompasses ‘The Trumpets that Time forgot’ with John Wallace, ‘La Trompette Retrouvée’, ‘Trumpet Masque’ and, most recently, ‘The Romantic Trumpet’ in 2010. Broadcaster for BBC, New Grove contributor, critic and writer on performance for numerous publications.

Trustee of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Young Concert Artists Trust, Countess of Munster Trust, Mendelssohn Scholarship Foundation, etc., and Trustee of the University of London.

As Dean of Undergraduate Studies 1991– 5, he directed the first cycle of the Academy’s BMus programme. Vice-Principal and Director of Studies 1996–2008, and Principal since July 2008. Appointed a Professor of University of London in 2001 and a Fellow of King’s College, London in 2009.

Since it was founded back in 1822, the Royal Academy of Music has become one of the most recognisable names in music.

Great traditions do not guarantee future success, but at the Academy they do inspire us to achieve an especially happy blend of continuity and cutting-edge work. Cherish as we do our distinguished alumni, fine teachers and enterprising study programmes, at the Academy we never simply rest on our reputation. Every day we question the quality and effectiveness of our work, reappraising our primary goal: to realise the potential of each and every musician here. Remaining the most stimulating, dynamic and friendly musical environment, we want every student — wherever they come from — to make their individual mark and to leave equipped for the realities of professional life.

Exploring a musical personality, at the same time as ‘toughening up’ for a career, is an exciting collaborative challenge for students and staff alike. I myself thrive on it. There is no dogmatic ‘school of teaching’ at the Academy; our staff represent many different pedagogical and creative lineages for students to embrace as they choose.

But there is one ‘Academy way’. It is where young 21st-century musicians are expected, as never before, to communicate their art with a blend of passionate advocacy and entrepreneurial purpose. Music will only keep on being a central part of people’s lives

if it is closely allied to the many other cultural shifts which we see around us.

All of this happens at the Academy in a seemingly endless range of activities. Orchestral and chamber music, ‘period’ and contemporary music, musical theatre, opera, music for new media: all are guided by some of the world’s greatest musicians — a roster of regular visitors who are devoted to the Academy and our students. Apart from constant improvements to our Regent’s Park site (witness the bright new foyer and practice block), we also draw increasingly on technology, our museum, our archives, our peerless stringed instruments. Students engage in ground-breaking community projects — activities central to the task of building important and fulfilling careers. Our ‘Alumni Network’ is a new portal for professional development and networking which allows students to remain part of the Academy family for decades to come.

Happy and productive studentships, and successful professional placements, contribute to our consistently exceptional ratings in national student surveys and education league tables.

A prospectus can only say so much. Come and see the Academy for yourself, arrange consultation lessons, come to concerts and events, talk to current students — and ask all those difficult questions! You will receive a warm welcome.

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