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Balita June 15, 2011 Las Vegas



REP. PACQUIAO OPENS ALABEL MEGA MARKET: Alabel, Sarangani (June 14, 2011) – (L-R) Governor Migs Dominguez, Congressman Manny Pacquiao and Mayor Corazon Grafi lo check vegetables at the wet section of Alabel mega market after its formal opening Monday, June 13. The P30-million building has 68 stalls with a food court and sits at the heart of Alabel’s

sprawling public market complex. Alabel is the capital town of Sarangani. PHOTO: COCOY SEXCION/SARANGANI INFORMATION OFFICE

From page 1 MAYWEATHER

ers have battled other foes instead. Pacquiao defeated Mosley last month

in Las Vegas, which is likely where May- weather’s September fight will be staged. Pacquiao is expected to face Juan Manuel Marquez in November at Las Vegas. Mayweather, who has fought only twice since stopping Britain’s Ricky Hatton in December of 2007, also faces two court cases, one which could result in a 34-year prison sentence. Mayweather’s evidence hearing on felony domestic violence charges is set for

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children of Ulingan. An impossible mission for her as most people think because she lives across the world from Tondo, Manila. Overcome with grief, overwhelmed by a sense of urgency, and with a strong faith and sheer determination, Villa proved that the impossible mission is not so impos- sible. With the help of Photo Kalye, a group of photographers aiming to raise so- cial awareness on poverty through photos, and volunteers, donors around the world, Project PEARLS has donated food, books, school supplies, clothes, toys, medicines and vitamins. Project PEARLS’ untiring efforts in Ulingan have attracted the atten- tion of individuals, and other organizations equally passionate in extending a helping hand to the underprivileged Filipino chil- dren. Their team of volunteers is growing; more organizations are collaborating with them; donors are coming from all over the world.

Project PEARLS, acronym for Peace, Education, Aspiration, Respect, Love and Smiles, is a California -registered non-profit organization and a registered

July 29. He is accused of grand larceny, coercion and robbery felonies stemming from an dispute last September with for- mer girlfriend Josie Harris and could go behind bars for 34 years if convicted on all charges.

Mayweather also faces a September 1 trial date on a misdemeanor battery charge for allegedly poking a 21-year-old homeowners’ association security guard in the face during a scuffle last November over parking tickets. He faces a maximum of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine in that case. ■

charity with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines. Project Pearls welcomes volunteers, and would appreciate help in the form of sponsorships, donation in cash and in kind, and involvement in their events and out- reach programs. To learn more, visit their website:

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The homeowners claimed they received no legal services and many lost their homes in foreclosure, while others alleged that the firm filed bankruptcy petitions on their behalf without their knowledge or permis- sion. The homeowners also claimed that Bander law firm refused to return their money.

When the intensity of these complaints became too much, the Bander Law Firm, through its main partner and 99% owner, Atty. Joel Bander, filed for bankruptcy in February 2010. BALITA MEDIA, along with KFI 640 AM radio station, Glendale News Press, ABS-CBN’s The Filipino Channel, were some of the first to bring the Bander loan litigation controversy out to the public in late 2009. Starting in December, 2009, BALITA MEDIA ran a series of articles on several homeowners’ complaints that included Filipino and Korean property owners, which Atty. Bander blamed, in his bankruptcy hearing, as the cause of his law firm’s downfall. However, recent Federal court filings showed that contrary to the claims of Bander, the real cause of his firm’s demise was mismanagement on his part because, according to an attorney named Tim Umbreit, who worked at the firm, Bander channeled all of his resources into a case he filed against BALITA MEDIA on behalf of a competing newspaper. The revelations were made by Atty.

Tim Umbreit in a motion for reconsidera- tion to rescind a bankruptcy court order

THE Amen Choir of Las Vegas continues to wow Las Vegans with their spirited and lively Gospel songs.


THE Stars of the ‘60s Band that plays the TSS Grill inside Aruba Hotel in Las Vegas graced the Philippine Independence Day celebration at Seafood City last Sunday, June 12. Former members of 1960’s biggest and popular bands in the Philippines, they now call themselves Stars of the ‘60s Band (from left) Lead guitarist Jimmy Lapinpuno, formerly with Blackhawk Band; drummer Albert Castillo, formerly with After Birth Band; Base guitarist Noel Locasan, formerly with Our Daily Bread Band; Lead vocalist Leo Contreras of The Cardinals Band; and Lead guitarist Rudy Quiroga, formerly with The Wheelers Band. Stars of the ‘60s Band plays every Saturday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the TSS Grill inside Aruba Hotel on Las Vegas Blvd. (between Oakey & Charleston Blvd.). On Sundays, calling themselves Nostalgia, the band plays old time favorites of the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s for Senior Sundays Dance-a-Thon from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Catch them both days/nights and walk down memory lane, relive the romantic past at the sound of their nostalgic music, and feel young once again. The band also plays for privates parties and corporate functions. Call Leo Contreras (Band Leader) at (702) 488-1887 and you’ll never have to say you’re sorry. With them in photo are friends Margie Gonzales and Cholo Paz.

that penalized him in the sum of $5,000 for his “willful” non-attendance at Bank- ruptcy hearings and his intentional “disre- gard“ of the court’s directive to appear in person in the case filed by a couple asking that the Bander Law Firm disgorge the $20,000 that they had paid to the law firm. (In legal terms, disgorgement is the act of giving up something such as the profits obtained by illegal or unethical acts on demand or by legal compulsion.). In the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of California, September 30, 2010 decision, the court said Mr. Umbreit’s con- duct was “unprofessional and well below any reasonable standard of care.” In his declaration signed under the penalty of perjury, Umbreit disclosed that although he joined as an associate of the firm to handle bankruptcy cases back in March 2009, the firm was “inundated with Trustee Sales when I started at the Firm“ which he described as “both a procedural as well as an administrative nightmare.” Umbreit said “My initial responsibil- ity to set up a bankruptcy practice…was waylaid almost immediately,” adding the Bander’s workforce was staffed by “young and inexperienced associates.” The rea- son for this, Umbreit said, was Bander’s strategy to hire the least expensive young attorneys to do all of the work who had “no orientation, no training and no oversight.” Umbreit also revealed that the firm was “inundated with emergency filings and constant shakeup of employees… competent employees were let go because they were not ‘responsive’ to Bander.” He added that “work environment was precari- ously close to hostile and turnover was a

real problem.”

Umbreit added that “Cash flow became a constant concern that imposed on all the employees the added burden of cutting costs, cutting overtime, and working on too many cases.” Umbreit said, “I was, quite frankly, overwhelmed and unable to handle the work load.”

But the most telling statement was Um-

breit’s remark regarding Bander’s handling of the case against Balita Media. Umbreit said, “By August of 2009 (or months even before BALITA MEDIA came out with its stories in December 2009 on the Bander Law Firm), I was almost exclusively deal- ing with a case that ultimately brought the Firm down....”

“Bander was obsessed with and had a personal involvement with the parties that far exceeded the bounds of any professional relationship. Bander had an obsession with an attorney named (James G.) Beirne and his client (Luchie) Allen (BALITA MEDIA’s CEO).”

Umbreit revealed in his motion that “From July through November, I was embroiled in (BALITA MEDIA) case at Bander’s insistence…Mortgage litigation and bankruptcies all took a back seat to In late August, I learned for the first time that the Firm was not being paid for handling of the case.” Weeks after Bander withdrew from the case against BALITA MEDIA, the parties settled their dispute. The terms of the settle- ment remain private. BALITA MEDIA called the law offices of Bander on Friday. Email messages were also sent to him for his reaction, but he has yet to present his side of the story. ■


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