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Diary Holyrood chat Catching up

Interesting to note that during Willie Rennie’s first outing at FMQs he was the most enthusiastic Lib Dem listening to what he had to say. While the former MP for Dunfermline and now leader of the band of five at Holyrood was making his points (what were they, again?) to the FM, former leader, Tavish Scott was reading the sports pages from the Herald and the newly installed education spokesperson, Liam McArthur, was swotting up by reading the education pages of Holyrood magazine…

Volunteering some advice

Te great and the good were out in force at the SCVO drinks reception in the Parliament

attend the Oxfam Global Picnic event in Princes Street Gardens….

By royal command

New Public Petitions Committee Convenor, Labour’s Dave

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Tower of London, something his modern day counterpart hopes not to repeat!

OMG we were ROFL!!

We quite liked SNP newbie and Elvis lookalike, Chic Brodie’s decision to end his second speech in Parliament with a sign-off that was down with the kidz… “I will end my contribution with a message to the chamber: TTFN.” With so many new SNP MSPs, you have to find some way of standing out from the crowd. BRB.

Ding dong!

Whollyrude hears that one of the new Labour MSPs put their coat on and left the building to go home last week as they thought the fire alarm was going off - it was the division bell calling elected members to the Chamber to vote…

Willie have a name?

The Gruffalo for letting Julia Donaldson become children’s laureate

last week where attendees learned, among other things, that new Conservative MSP Ruth Davidson’s experience of the voluntary sector was being wheeled around by volunteers in a special contraption originally used for wounded military after she was hit by a truck at the age of six and confined to wearing a full body brace. But the best line of the night came from Comas, chief executive, Ruth Campbell, who told gathered MSPs and others to be careful of just saying the same old things but in a different way; the Emperor’s new clothes is never a good look, she explained, even when you have a big majority to show off!

Life’s no picnic

Education Secretary Mike Russell proved life as an MSP is a busy one by photo-blogging his lunch last week when he couldn’t

76 Holyrood 13 June 2011

Scottish Secretary Michael Moore for making ill-judged comments about a second independence referendum

Stewart, had a baptism of fire minutes after the membership of the committees were approved by Parliament when Labour spin doctors asked him to do a live debate on Newsnight Scotland on the role of committee convenors. Just one problem, however. Dave was on his way to Holyrood Palace with other MSPs to meet Prince Charles! However, never one to let a crisis pass without seeing it as an opportunity, David spent the reception talking to all who would listen about the Petitions Committee. He picked up the gem that in the 14th century ordinary Scots were able to petition an earlier David - King David II of Scotland and used it to good effect on the beeb later on.

Te Royal David ended up spending a few years in the

As with all party leaders in the Scottish Parliament, Willie Rennie’s first round of FMQs meant he had to go through the ritual of the Twitter naming ceremony. Instigated by Green Party media bod James Mackenzie, suggestions from other Tweeps included ‘Oor Wullie’, ‘A’body’s Wullie’ and ‘Naebody’s Wullie’, while the ‘William of Orange’ suggestion was disqualified for being potentially sectarian. In the end, ‘Wullie Won’t He?’ won given that no one really knows when the Lib Dems actually get a question in these days. Wullie Won’t He? will now (occasionally) join the Great Puddin’, Matron and LOLITSP.

Whisky blues

Tory MSP Jamie McGrigor is apparently penning a song to show his opposition to Government plans for a minimum price on alcohol. It’s going to be titled ‘Whisky in the jar... but it’s too bloody expensive’.

Dog days

It can be a lonely old existence being the only dog in Parliament. So at a Guide Dog reception in Parliament last week, SNP MSP Dennis Robertson’s dog, Mr Q, was in his element, joined by half a dozen others canines of his own ilk.


“To be fair to my Right Hon. and learned Friend the

Lord Chancellor, he has been in his job for only a year. He is doing a superb job, and I can tell the

House that there is plenty more fuel in

his tank.”

PM Cameron defends Justice Secretary Ken Clarke at PMQs on Wednesday 8 June

SPOTTED Hobbit actor Billy Boyd being a good

sport recording a voiceover for the Princess Royal Trust for Carers…former Conservative MSP Derek Brownlee firmly focused on his Blackberry while cutting a solitary figure in Café Nero… Auditor General Robert Black in the Pumpkin cafe…Labour MP Tom Harris in the public gallery for the first FMQs of the new session…Lib Dem MSP Liam McArthur reading Holyrood in the chamber…former SSP MSP Colin Fox chatting to a kilted man on Princes Street…Environment Minister Stewart Stevenson outside the Princes Mall…Edinburgh Council leader Jenny Dawe near the Grange on a sunny Thursday night…New SNP MSP Marco Biaggi walking along George IV Bridge on a Sunday looking very smart in a suit…a stripey-shirted Iain MacWhirter strolling along North Bridge… Murdo Fraser walking down Holyrood Road discussing his blog with a colleague and looking more than a little unconvinced…

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