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Working with the Sun by Beth Weick

The days are long, lushness dominates the gaze, weeds are reaching for the sun with vigor, and the black flies have arrived to offer their daily commentary.

Summer has begun.

Here at D Acres, we leap at the chance to utilize the power of the sun during these short but vigorous few months of our

ic Farm &

Development Aimed at Creating Rural Ecological Society

northcountry summer.

For one, the sun offers a tremen- dous opportunity to heat water free of fossil fuels, electric lines, and excessive burning of wood. We recently re-constructed our solar shower, now perched beneath the old apple tree and behind some young asian pear trees.

It’s complete with a dressing room and shower stall, hot and cold water taps (in the opposite order, just to be a little different…), and watercress transplanted into the greywater

June 10, 2011 system.

tremendous, but the simplicity of the science behind the opera- tion is even more tantalizing. With this system upgrade, we now have two batch heaters har- nessing the sun’s sunny-ness to be sure we dirty farmers and our cleaner guests can achieve a par excellence for hygiene upon exiting the experience.

The ambience is

The batch heaters, mind you, are comprised of retired refrigerator tanks, black paint, old water heaters, and a pane of glass. Peruse the junk heap and you, too, can solar power your Saturday night bath.

clear, the black paint covers the inside of the fridge box, creating a heat trap for the sun’s rays. The water heater is set inside, with the appropriate plumbing running to and from the tank. A glass pane over the top seals the

To be

deal, and the heat. Curious? Come on over and check it out!

Beyond heating water, we also make extensive use of our solar cookers during these long sum- mer days. While the sun ovens, as they’re called, can function most of the year if the sun is out (well…let’s say March through October for best results), these long, hot days with the sun high in the sky definitely improves their capacity for quick and effective cooking. Again, it is a fairly simple science that can solar power your next meal. You can build it yourself, or purchase a pre-made model. A box lined with reflective materi- al operates as the oven, while a (plexi-)glass cover creates the greenhouse effect for the con- traption. More reflective materi- al surrounding the oven’s door helps to trap more of the sun’s

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Septic System Installation

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Keeping Each Other Well by Elizabeth Terp RN

Living Wills for the Well

The debate over end-of-life care weaves in and out of the news and recent book releases, no doubt spurred on by the struggle over the cost for health care. The time to draw up a living will is when we are well, think- ing clearly, and before we have trouble making decisions. It can always be updated, but it does need to be put in place.

Those of us who value quality of life over simply existing in a deteriorating state, have likely had to watch a loved one depart

after having their life unneces- sarily prolonged in a state they never would have chosen for themselves. However, each one of us has the authority to decide how our end-of-life care will be administered, if we put our wishes in place when we are well.

My mother did not choose to make a living will, despite encouragement from us, her children, to do so. She was sure we were out for her money, despite the fact that we had been urging her for years to travel and consider us her insurance if

Congratulations To Our Daughter Tiffany and the Class of 2011 At Woodsville High School

heat. The oven box is then set upon an adjustable stake. As the sun rises or sets across the sky, the angle of the box must be modified.

angle, facing into the sun, is ideal. In no time at all you can cook just about anything from beans to bread, and casseroles to chicken soup.

A ninety-degree

Of course, the sun also heats up our favorite swimming hole. So come on over to check out our latest solar-powered efforts (we have additional hot water proj- ects, greenhouses galore, solar panels, and solar dehydrators, too!), perhaps share a solar- cooked meal, then we’ll point down the road and share anoth- er of our joys, a dip in nature’s best pool. Summer may be short, but my oh my it is a ver- dant and abundant few months.

her money ran out.

She ended up living her last sev- eral years literally physically deteriorating to a shell while continually being “saved” by antibiotics. None of us dared make the choice for her to do otherwise.

Not wanting my children or myself to ever have to be in that agonizing position, I drew up my living will in my 50s. Each of them has a copy, as do health care providers I see. It is a relief to me, and I hope to them, that should I be unable to make deci- sions: do not resuscitate, no antibiotics, no ventilators, no tube feedings, etc. are all in place. I found a good and rea- sonable lawyer to draw it up so that I could be sure everything was covered, including appoint- ment of my Health Care Proxy and Power of designees.


Here it is spring, or at least the bulbs are trying to poke their way out of the snow and bright- en things up for us. Spring is a time when we think about new life, fresh starts, and increased physical energy to be turning over new leaves. It’s a good time to put all of life in perspec- tive so we don’t have to worry about it later. This is a vital part of keeping each other well and enjoying life.

Elizabeth Terp draws on her experiences as a School Nurse- Teacher, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Yoga Instructor and Home Health Nurse. She wel- comes your comments at PO Box 547, Campton, NH 03223, e-mail:, or her Keeping Each Other Well Blog: http://elizabethterp.word- Her book, Forget That Diet And Eat What You Need: The Tao of Eating, is available locally and on

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