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June 10, 2011 Tek Talk With Eli Heath Of Paige Computer Services

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Summer is almost here and many of you will be traveling on vacation. You may be taking your laptop computers or using technology to get where you are going such as a GPS Navigation device, here are some tips before you fly or drive to your destination.

Avoid using a computer bag, thieve watch for people who travel with a computer bag, if you bring your laptop, put it in a back pack or luggage that way it is not obvious that you are car- rying a laptop with you.

Keep your laptop in site, when going thru security do not let your computer leave your site, approximately 1500 laptops a day get stolen at airport security check points.

Do not keep passwords with the laptop. Most laptops have the option in the computer BIOS to enable boot password, with that option enabled you must enter a password before your computer will boot into the operating sys- tem. Many of us forget pass- words and write them down or keep them with the computer. Keep passwords separate from the computer, put them on a piece of paper in your wallet or

purse, or maybe in your cell phone, which you also need to keep tight grips on, password protect your cell phone and GPS also. Anything you can do to deter the thief. Should your computer, cell phone or GPS get stolen and it is password pro- tected, notify the manufacture that they were stolen. The only way a password can be removed is if the thief sends the device to the manufacture to have the password removed, the manu- facture will look at the serial number if you reported it as stolen they will notify the police and it will be returned to you.

Encrypt your data on your lap- top. Use a free program such as Truecrypt at, it will secure your information and only allow you access to it.

Buy a laptop security device, if you need to leave your laptop in a room or at your desk, use a laptop security cable to securely attach it to a heavy chair, table, or desk. The cable makes it more difficult for someone to take your laptop. There are also programs that will report the location of a stolen laptop. They work when the laptop connects to the Internet, and can report the laptop's exact physical loca- tion. One such tracing program is Computer Trace Lojack. This program will trace your com- puters location without the thief knowing there is a program working in the background. Many new laptops have that option for a monthly fee you can enable it in the computers BIOS.

When using your laptop use a screen guard, this keeps prying eyes from seeing information on your computer screen, especial- ly if you are at an airport depar- ture gate people may be looking over your shoulder without your knowledge.

If your laptop is stolen change your email password, notify your internet provider and change your internet password if you use high speed such as Charter and you have an e-mail account call them to change

The Joseph Patch Library launched its annual summer reading program with award winning story teller Diane Edgecomb. Warren Village School children listened atten- tively as Diane performed Around the World Folktales to bring alive the summer reading program theme of “One World, Many Stories”.

was sponsored by A Kids, Books & the Arts grant from the New Hampshire State Library and the Saul O. Sidore Memorial Foundation in memo- ry of Rebecca Lee Spitz.

Diane’s visit

Beginning Saturday, June 18th, all interested children in grades K-6 are invited to join in the adventures and travel the world at the Joseph Patch Library. For six Saturdays children will explore the United States, China, Spain,

Afghanistan and a country of their own creation through native stories, crafts, games and a sampling of each country’s food. In addition to the Saturday activities, if children complete a summer reading


your e-mail account password. If it is a company laptop and customer data is on the laptop notify your company IT repre- sentative so they can take appro- priate actions. Report the theft to local police as soon as possi- ble.

I hope these tips are helpful, I wish everyone a safe summer and again any questions please e-mail me at or visit my website at www.paigecomput- or call (603)747- 2201, I will be starting Basic Computer Class on June 21st if you are interested please call so I can put you on the class roster I will also tell you the details on the class, so until next time take care and Happy Computing!



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assignment through the Joseph Patch Library, they will be eligi- ble to receive a certificate of achievement and a fun prize.

The Summer Reading Program is sponsored annually by CHILIS (Children’s Librarians of New Hampshire), a division of the New Hampshire Library

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Open A Book... Open The World________________________ Association.

For more information or to reg- ister your child for this free summer reading program, con- tact Carole, Kris or Suzanne at the Joseph Patch Library in Warren at 603-764-9072 or email

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