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EMPOWERMENT By Chip Richards I

t’s 4:37am. I’ve been up working on a single scene for the last seven hours – not a particularly long scene – it will be about four minutes by the time it hits the screen (if it makes it through all the other loops along the way) – but it is essential to the story I am writing;

so I have a burning desire to ‘get it right’. This desire is compounded slightly with the knowledge that the director, producers, actors and animators also want to get it right, and they’re all waiting for me to send them the script… in like three hours. In addition, we need the paycheck that will come with

its approval! The candle burns at both ends and with each clock tick the wick gets a little shorter. My focus is steadfast and I can feel progress, but man! It feels like I am pushing very hard for the small steps I am taking. Finally my concentration is broken by the realisation that I have been staring at the computer screen for the past 30 minutes and nothing has changed. Take that back. I’ve added one line of dialogue, changed it three times and then deleted it. Blinking myself back to awareness, I notice the pink

hue on the horizon. Sunrise coming. With it comes an anxiousness in my belly to do something. It’s a subtle, distant call, but I recognise it straight away. The message in the breeze is to get up from my seat, jump in the car and drive to where that light is about to rise up over the water. The message is to go surfing. What?! Truth be known, on many mornings I have answered this type of invitation and found myself greeted in the waves by dolphins the very moment I arrive (as if they’d been out there waiting to make sure I answered the call), but with another glance to the clock, I send this invite back to where it came from, with an RSVP that says I will come “as soon as this scene is finished”. There’s too much at stake. I can’t break from here now. Momentarily satisfied, I bring my attention back to

my computer. Yes. The scene. I take a deep breath, quiet my mind and bring my hands back to the keyboard with a new sense of determination. Suddenly the sound of a kookaburra bellows through the valley. He’s joined by his extended family – right outside my window – in a resounding cackle that would break the concentration of the world chess champ. It sends a shiver right up my spine and I can’t help but smile. These guys must be working for the dolphins. Against the rising scream of my rational deadline-minded focus, I grab my keys, my surfboard and bolt to the car. As I drive along the windy road to the coast, my conscious

mind settles into the task of shifting gears and keeping me (somewhat) in my lane. The cool morning air circles through the van like Tinkerbell’s magic dust and I start to relax. As I round a bend, receiving my first splintered beam of morning sun through the trees, suddenly BOOM! A creative lightning strikes, and strikes hard. In one single nanosecond of a moment, somehow here on this quiet empty road in the rainforest, the entire scene I’ve now been working on for the past eight hours, arrives into my mind in completed form with a vast improvement on anything I had previously conceived. I swerve to the shoulder and scramble for a pen, scribbling everything I’ve just received on the back of a Woolworths receipt. Done. Continuing to the beach, I enjoy a short surf and make it

back in time to finish and send off the scene. No dolphins in the water today (that stop along the way must have altered my ETA) but the spirit of synchronicity has left me with a scene that will go on to be one of the favorites for all who read or watch the story. I am grateful beyond words, sensing that even a seven-day extension would likely not have achieved the same creative result had I remained chained up behind my keyboard. Life had sent a whispered call in response to my

intentions, and on this particular day, I had been bold (or delirious!) enough to listen and follow.

✤ The book of life

Amidst our modern world of information and virtual communication there is a huge emphasis on grasping and sharing concepts and ideas in a very mental and cerebral way. As we merge this ‘information age’ with the mission of many of today’s spiritual paths, we can quickly wind up living in the top third of our body (and above), leaping from new concept to new concept without ever taking time to genuinely anchor our new understanding into the cellular experience of our lives. In this way we become better and better at talking about who we are becoming, how we are growing and evolving, without necessarily matching that talk with how we walk, with who we are and with what we are actually creating in the garden of our life. If we continue to desire growth and expansion – as I

was continuing to desire to write my golden scene – we will of course make progress and move along the path, but until we combine this quiet inside work with a willingness to answer the morning call of the kookaburras – to step away from the cosy confines of our desk and

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– experiencing your true self through the gift of daily experience

Are we being called to move from this information age into an age of integration where spoken word is secondary to our spirit-filled action in the world, in the great book of our life? Chip’s usual masterful story- telling gives us a good illustration – as well as superb entertainment.

enter a genuine communion with the creative currents of life – many of life’s greatest lightning bolts may have a hard time reaching us, or fully expressing through us in the world. We are emerging from a great information age with so

many new ideas shared, and many old truths rekindled to be shared again. Many of these concepts and ideas have been delivered to us as words written on a page or spoken from a stage, by those who have taken time to venture from the banks of their own river into the inner current of the Universal stream. They have perhaps tried initially to grasp things with their own thinking mind and stay within the zone of what they knew, what felt comfortable, what others had done before them, but eventually there was a breaking point where they were forced to burst that bubble… where they could not hold any longer to the comfort of the ‘known’ and were forced to let go, opening to what is beyond.

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