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52 June 4 - 17, 2011


SanTan Sun kids have talent! In the first issue of every month, the SanTan Sun News prints the best entries from kids in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade in a variety of categories. Congratulations to this month’s winners!

Note: If a great entry doesn’t make it into this issue because of space considerations, we will hold it over to run in a future issue. Submissions are minimally edited to preserve the writer’s voice. If your submission appears in this section, compare it to your original to help improve your writing skills.

Time Travel by Aarjau Pandya

Navarrete Elementary School, Grade 4

Time traveling is something I adore Maybe I’ll see the Civil War Time Traveling is sure not a bore

Perhaps I’ll hear the first telephone sound Or see the gold being found Maybe I’ll even see flying cars around

Maybe I’ll see the Mayflower Or even the Eiffel Tower

Perhaps I’ll have Superman’s power

Maybe I’ll meet my future self Or see a magical elf

I’ll just invent a word called zelf

One day I’ll design a castle for you Or maybe what I’d like to do Is invent a flying zoo

My friends would sure go “wow” If I could only time travel now I’d love to hear them say, “Holy Cow!”

Remember that the Kids Opportunity section will eventually print all good entries. That means that if your entry didn’t make it into this issue, it may be slated for a future one. Keep checking back, as we sometimes experience a backlog of submissions.

Hey Kids!

A Future Career by Jin Ni

Navarrete Elementary School, Grade 5

A career I would like when I grow up would be an author. I want to be an author because writing is fun. You can express your feelings through words.

However, words can be like sharp swords if you don’t use them right. I don’t think words should be used to hurt people. I think words should be used to tell stories, to compliment people and to help people. That’s why I want to be an author.

Confucius, a Chinese teacher, philosopher and mathematician said, “If you love your job, you will never have to work a day in your life.”

I love to write, so I don’t think being an author will seem like a job to me. If I become an author, it will not be because of the money or fame. It will be because I want people to enjoy the books I write.

An author doesn’t earn a salary, the money an author earns is from the price of the books she or he writes and the amount or copies that sell. I want enough money to support my family, but that doesn’t mean just throwing words around to form a book. It means writing a good book. It is easy to write a book, any kind of a book, but it is not easy to write a “good” book!

Words are not meant to be harmful, words are meant to be helpful. That’s what I want to prove through the books I will write. I want the books that I write to influence people, to help people, to relieve them of the stress of their day or work. Words are powerful, and I believe that I could achieve my dream through words. I believe that words can change people’s minds and that they can help people.

If I can’t become an author, I want to become a person who could help the environment or people. There is a job called “trash collector,” but I don’t think I would want that job. It does help the environment by cleaning up the place, but I don’t think I would like the stench. I could also be a social worker, because social workers help people. I could also be an environmental services person.

But whatever I do, I want to help the world and the people that live in this world! Kids: Win $15 gift card from Changing Hands Bookstore Veterans by Justin Richardson Navarrete Elementary School, Grade 5

Very brave Every day you work to keep our country safe Thank you for serving our country Each year we have a holiday for you Risking your lives And we will never forget you Never giving up Soldiers

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Students who either live in Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek or surrounding areas or who attend area schools can win $15 gift cards from Changing Hands Bookstore, thanks to a new partnership between the bookseller and the SanTan Sun News.

This ongoing, monthly promotion awards a $15 Changing Hands gift card to every youth whose article, story, poem, essay, editorial, book review, photo or illustration is chosen to be printed in the SanTan Sun Kids Opportunity section, while supplies last. The Kids Opportunity section is printed in the Youth Section of the first paper of the month, each month. The best news is that even though only one to three submissions are printed per month, all good submissions are held in a file to be printed in future issues. So if an entry doesn’t win this month, it could win next month -- or even the month after that.

To enter, visit, click on Youth and then Student Writer Permission Slip to download a submission-permission slip. Complete the form and have a parent sign it so the paper has permission to print the entry and the author or artist’s byline. Then, email the submission-permission slip and writing or artwork to as a Word file (if writing) or JPEG (if art) or pasted into the email. Those who don’t have access to email, or prefer to send submissions on disk, may send a hard copy of the form with the entry in a Word file or JPEG on a CD via postal mail to Lynda Exley, Kids Op Page, SanTan Sun News, P.O. Box 23, Chandler, AZ 85244-0023.

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