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34 June 4 - 17, 2011 Publisher’sNote This and that

Normally as we go into the summer, things start to slow down, people kick back a bit, think about vacations and how to beat the heat. Not so in Chandler, however.

Not only do we have a new mayor – OK, so it’s his fifth term in his second go-round, but I’m sure he’s new to many of you – we will soon have

a new president of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce and a new executive director of the Downtown Chandler Community Partnership. Mayor Jay Tibshraeny quipped that he started this “new trend” of hiring leaders during his recent State of the City address.

We are also pleased to tell you about a new community theatre troupe based in Chandler – Metro Valley Players (MVP) – which will be mounting its first production at the Tumbleweed Rec Center this month. This has been a missing and sorely-needed element of the arts in Chandler, and we wish them the best of luck. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for theatres here is a lack of proper stage resources; but hopefully with the new ArtYard RFPs coming this summer, that will soon change. MVP is dedicated to keeping things local, too, so be watching for audition information, fundraisers, volunteer opportunities and more from them. Geoff and I have long been arts advocates, but it’s in the blood: his dad used to direct plays during his time as a JAG in the military, so Geoff grew up backstage and ran lights for several stage productions in the Valley; and having taken tap dance lessons since I was young, I spent many years singing and dancing in musicals at Phoenix Theatre, the old Third Street Theatre and with an Ahwatukee theatre group, where our son, Devon, made his stage debut in “Oklahoma” at age 4! So please support MVP so we can finally have a resident theatre company here; read more about their show in our AZ Arts section. We also have a new monthly section we’re starting to highlight the work being done to help residents learn new careers at the Chandler- Gilbert Community College’s Sun Lakes Center. The new page is called “Workforce Development,” where Director Ruth Romano and others are bringing new green, solar and other certification classes right down the street, in recently redecorated and renovated rooms. Of course, we have the Pecos campus at Pecos and Gilbert, and with the Sun Lakes Center at Alma School and Riggs, it’s easier than ever if you want to get into a new field, or just take a fun and interesting class.

ICAN is breaking ground June 18 on their new and much-needed larger space in Chandler; we have a new quilt shop, Cutting Edge Quilts, in downtown Chandler, Coach and Willie’s is expected to open soon also downtown and the new Target SuperStore is nearing completion. But this is nothing new: as always, we appreciate your reading the SanTan Sun News, and patronizing our advertisers.


Community Water conservation


not an option, but necessity by Vice Mayor Trinity Donovan

Water is a precious resource that we often take for granted. This became even more apparent to me during my travels to other countries where clean drinking water was not readily available. It was through such experiences that I started to think more seriously about essential water issues, particularly in Arizona’s dry desert climate.

As a Councilmember, I previously served on the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association (AMWUA). This organization was established in 1969 by municipalities in Maricopa County to look at water-related issues on a regional level. Representatives from several Valley cities participate. AMWUA works to establish water policy while protecting the interests of its members. They also concentrate on water-related education and water conservation. As our state continues to grow, it is important that dialogue on water management continue. Councilmember Rick Heumann currently serves on AMWUA but I remain interested in hearing about legislation on this subject.

On a local level, the City strives to educate residents about water conservation as well. The Water Conservation Department hosts free landscape and irrigation classes each spring and fall. The sessions provide great suggestions for those looking to decrease their water consumption. The next session is scheduled to begin late August. City staff also provides informational brochures on several topics ranging from leak detection to lawn care. In addition to saving water, the tips are likely to also save residents money on their utility bills. Residents are also encouraged to conserve water through the City’s rebate incentives. Customers who install low water use landscaping and automatic irrigation controls may qualify for a rebate.

In an effort to be more proactive the City also sends postcards to utility customers whose water usage has at least doubled from their water usage the previous month. This is done to alert residents about potential leaks so they can address the issue before the situation worsens.

Fortunately, more emphasis is being placed on the importance of preserving our water and individuals have become more mindful in using water wisely. Realistically, water conservation should be viewed as less of an option and more of a necessity. The City serves as a great resource to help residents with their conservation efforts. To learn more, call 480-782-3580, or visit

Oops - We are indebted to the SanTan Honda Superstore for hosting our Mom of the Year and now Dad of the Year award, and which also donated refreshments for the events, coordinated by Honda’s Angela Thomas.

Also, in the “New Vistas students learn leadership at Disneyland” from the May 21, 2011 issue, the school is a private, not a charter school; Judy Cresanta is director of community relations; and the school holds classes during the regular school year from preschool through sixth grade, and summer school for preschool through high school.

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