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Alternative Fuel - The Seiko Kinetic Adrian Ainsworth looks at the Seiko Power Horse

Source: The Seiko Website

Like mechanical and quartz, Kinetic is a platform. Over the past 20 years, SEIKO has created on this platform a suite of Kinetic movements, each bringing unique features to the consumer.

It was at the 1986 Basel Fair that SEIKO unveiled its first Kinetic prototype. Introduced under the trial name of 'AGM', it was the first watch in the world to convert kinetic movement into electrical energy. It was the first step in a development that, 20 years later, has made Kinetic synonymous with environmental friendliness, high performance and long-lasting convenience to a generation of users worldwide. From the launch in 1988 of the first commercially available watch (then under the new name AGS) until today, over eight million Kinetic watches have been sold (as of 2007).

In 1998, Kinetic Auto Relay was released, extending the 'at-rest' operating period of the watch to a remarkable 4 years. 1999 saw the launch of the Ultimate

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Kinetic Chronograph, a masterpiece which fused the very best of SEIKO's mechanical and electronic watchmaking skills, and in 2003 another Kinetic Chronograph was launched. At Baselworld 2005, the Kinetic Perpetual made its first appearance, combining Kinetic convenience and longevity with a perpetual calendar, correct to the year 2100. In 2007, SEIKO's emotional technology Kinetic Direct Drive is introduced.

The model shown here is Our very own Ray Westfieldʼs Seiko Kinetic Sportura Auto Relay. Seiko have designed this watch to be stylish and robust aimed at the avid sportman who demands more from his watch.

Model : SMA137P1 High-grade steel case and bracelet Waterproof to 100 m Kinetic Auto Relay Energy saving function Quick start function

Sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating on both sides Bolted crown Bolted case back Folding latch with safety catch LumiBrite Dial Non reflective black face Date at 3 o' clock position Quartz accuracy to within a couple of seconds a month This watch never needs a battery and is powered by the movement of your wrist. If it is not worn for 3 days the watch goes to sleep ( Auto Relay Function ) to conserve energy and can sleep for 4 years on a full charge. To wake it up give it a shake and watch the hands speed round to the correct time. There are no reflections from the glass or face and the face is viewable from any angle.

Pros: style, polished blingness and practicality

Cons: Polished bracelet susceptible to scratches

Verdict: 4.5 stars.

Issue One Winter 2011

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