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long stem which turns smoothly and because of the long stem, it is quite easy to pull. The crown is engraved with the Steinhart logo which is a great touch.

The Nav. B-Uhr II's "glass" is made up of sapphire crystal with double AR coatings on the inside of the watch. It's good that Steinhart didn't go cheap with the glass, as the slightly domed shape can be a magnet for scratches, but at least with sapphire, it won't get scratched easily. I'm also glad that Steinhart went for a domed glass since there is something about this detail that sets the Nav. B-Uhr II apart from other pilot watches available at the same price point.

According to the Steinhart website the Nav. B-Uhr II has limited water resistance, thus no swimming and showering is allowed. This isn't too much of a let down with this watch as it is on a leather strap anyway, though I hope it can take an accidental splash or two.

Case: Burshed Stainless Steel Diameter: 44mm Weight: 107 g Length: 52.1mm Height: 14.2mm Lug width: 22mm Crown: Push-In, Grooved Onion, with Steinhart logo Caseback: Engraved Stainless Steel, Screwed Crystal: Domed Sapphire, with Double Anti-Reflecting Coatings on the Interior Side Water Resistance: Limited Water Resistant, No Swimming or Shower


My favourite part of this watch is the dial which is as sterile as a pilot watch can be. As you look into the watch face, it's dominated by the matte black color of the dial. Your eyes are first drawn to the propeller shaped blued hands. The hands are perfectly proportioned to the watch, not too thick, not too thin. The length of the minute hand

almost allows it to brush against the chapter ring. The hour hand's length is also long enough that it doesn't look like a dwarf beside the minute hand, but short enough that it is very easy to distinguish which hand is for hours and which hand is for minutes.

As you twist and angle the watch, a beam of light falls on the blued hands and it transforms from a dark blue, almost black, colour to a bright striking chrome blue colour. Itʼs lovely looking at these blued hands as they transform from one color to another.

One criticism of the hands is that some uneven blue edges on some parts of the hands can be seen. through a loupe or macro shot. This is something however, that wouldn't be noticed without a loupe or macro lens- so itʼs no big deal really to the over-all look of the watch.

The indices and the chapter ring are all white and slighlty embossed. The indices are Arabic numerals from 1-11, with 12 replaced by the familiar triangle with two dots at the top. The chapter ring is made up of a thin white ring from where white straight lines protrude towards the center. Thicker and longer white lines mark the hours and the thinner white lines mark the minutes.

As mentioned , Superluminova C1 is applied to the middle diamond part of the hour and minute hands. The second hand is lumed too, as are the Arabic numbers and the only white detail on the dial that is not lumed is the thin white ring where the indices protrude from. Even without it, this watch compared to the IWC BP, has got a little bit more detail that glows in the dark.

After turning off the lights, you immediately notice that the hour and minute hands glow brighter than the indices/chapter ring. This

Issue One Winter 2011

doesn't mean that the indices and chapter ring are pushovers though, as tests show that all the lumes can last throughout the night.

To sum up the dial it's imperfectly perfect! The no-text-on-the-dial approach, the contrast provided by the embossed white lines and text on black and the splash of color provided by the blued hands make this one of the most readable watch face around. The lume is easy to read and lasts the whole night. Over-all, the dial of this watch is such a beauty that even with the imperfections mentioned, it doesn't in take anything away from the dial. That said, if the flaws can be addressed, then so much more the better.

Dial: Black Indices: Arabic Numeral except 12 o'clock which is a Triangle with Two Dots Chapter ring: Seconds Lume: Superluminova C1, White Hands: Blued Hour and Minute Hands with Superluminova C1, White. Central Second Hand, also with Superluminova C1.


The watch is excellently designed and built, with only minor flaws on the dial and hand edges that only a macro lens or a loupe will reveal. The case feels solid without being too big, and the domed sapphire crystal is something you could probably expect from a more expensive watch. When worn, the watch definitely attracts attention with it's size, but never at the expense of comfort to the wearer. At Euros 350.00, quite simply I think it's one of the best watches out there.

Pros: solidity, value for money

Cons: minor flaws on dial and hand edges Verdict: 3.5 stars.

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