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Mixing It


As you guys probably know, Adele just came out with the popular song Rolling in the Deep. Great song. But, is it really an appropriate song? After taking a few glances at the lyrics, I pretty much came up with this: the meaning of the song is about how her heart was broken, and that now she finds it hard to trust people because of him. As for the song's viewers, I don't see why teens shouldn't be able to listen to it (although I would probably rec- comend being at least 12 years old). As for the tone, I think we (the teens of America) would want something sounding a little more happier.After looking at some popular links featur- ing an interview with Adele, I learned that this song was meant to be vengeful, and that she was full of angst when she wrote it. She also talks about her writing the song not for getting revenge publicly on the man who broke her heart, but to help her release some of her anger. That way, she doesn't have to deal with it in her normal every-day life. Taking cues from Wanda Jackson and Lady Antebellum ( as Adele puts it, a "spicy" country rock band), she enjoys making music she and her lis- teners can relate to.

By: Katie Lin For centuries, girls

have beaten themselves up because they don’t think they look pretty enough, or they’re not good enough just the way they are. In our society, we’re ambushed with ads and TV shows that seem to focus on the outside more than the in- side. They pressure us to look more attractive, to be a little thinner; but, they’re all mind games. And finally, people have begun to speak up. Bruno Mars’ hit song Ju wy yo

s et th a u aespeaks to many r

girls just by the title. The line “If perfect is what you’re searching for/then just stay the same” says just what girls across the globe want and need to hear. And, Operation Beautiful is determined to spread the word. Operation Beautiful was

started in June 2009 by 26- year old Caitlin Boyle. Inspired after a bad day at work, she decided she wanted to start a movement to make girls feel better about themselves eve- ryday. She’s received over 7,000 notes from fans and has heard numerous stories. Her favorite is one about a Cana- dian girl named Vit. Vit was a teenager battling severe ano- rexia at a treatment center

Making A Difference

By: Joelle Arner

She slipped into the bath- room one day to throw up her lunch and found an Op- eration Beautiful Post-it note on the bathroom stall. All it said was “You are good enough the way you are”, but it was enough for her life to turn around in the right direction. A few months later she was out of the hospital and health- ier and happier than ever. She felt like the timing was a message from God. Operation Beautiful

has one book out already, O

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peao eufu: Trn- fomnr i g th ae wy yo eu se yo ref oe poti oe a a ti e, and another one

rtin Bati l as s-t nt


coming out in the summer of 2012 for teens. If you want to be a part of the movement, it’s not that hard to sign up. All you have to do is grab a post-it note and write an encour- aging message on it.


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