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Odds And Ends

I Think Tractors Are Cool ]

Your Daily Dose of Randomness By: Ally Dye

Oh hey! Didn’t see you over there.

YOU MAY BE A BIT CONFUSED BY THE TIME YOU’RE DONE READING THIS. AND IF YOU’RE NOT, MANY CONGRADULATIONS TO YOU MY FELLOW FRIEND. Today is a strange day for me. It’s 80 degrees on a Sunday and it feels like summer. I was happily enjoying playing my ukulele out in the sun when I was re- minded that I still have homework to do. And then it hit me that I have school tomorrow. Such a lovely realization, right? Anyways, I just continued to play my ukulele. Her name is Lulu and she’s a concert ukulele (in case you were wondering). But then it got REALLY AWKWARD because there’s a bike path right behind my backyard, and being such a won- derful day, there was a pretty big amount of bikers, walkers, and even a few roller skaters out and about. And of course, their heads would turn to stare in confusion as I sang songs about ducks and such randomness. JUST SO AWKWARD, OKAY. OH HEY DOES IT SOUND LIKE THERE’S YELLING IN YOUR HEAD? I BET SO. I LIKE USING CAPS BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE I’M CONTROLLING THE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD. Andnowimadeitfaster. But. Here. I’m. Making. It. Slower. I feel so powerful. Just kidding. I just find it fun. WHEN I WAS LITTLE

I USED TO HAVE A MASSIVE FEAR OF TORNADOES, SO WHEN IT WOULD RAIN OR THUNDER, I WOULD AUTOMATICALLY BRING ALL MY TOYS TO THE BASEMENT AND STAY THERE FOR A LONG TIME. Oh no! it’s getting cloudy outside! *tear* WHEN I WAS A YOUNG WARTHOG….. oh I really don’t know. Once upon a time there was a little kitten that liked pie but its owner didn’t get it any pie so it took a trip to ice cream land to see if there was pie, but of course there wasn’t any pie because it was ice cream land, so it went home and cried but then realized that there was pie in the refrigerator the ENTIRE TIME. Lalalalalalalalala- lalalalalalala if you read it long enough, it’ll sound like you’re saying “Al”. Counting sheep has never made me sleepy. I like dolphins. They’re cool and stuff. I really don’t like that awkward situation when you’re lis- tening to live music, and people start clapping to the beat, and you don’t know when to stop. It just bothers me. I use the word awkward far too often than I should. Yesterday a bumble bee either bit or stung my toe. I don’t know which one. I don’t like that bee. He is not my friend. I THINK THE WORD HULLABALLOO IS A FUNNY WORD. Okay, I think I should be done here. SO LONG. FAREWELL AUF WIEDERSEHEN, GOOD- NIGHT.


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