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Melanie: Five years ago, we were in Illinois and walked along the Mississippi River. Okay, it’s kind of embarrassing but we’ve never seen fireflies be- fore and that was when we saw fireflies for the first time. There were so many sparkles! At that mo- ment we said to each other, ―if we ever have a band, let’s call it Firefly!‖ Simple. Shining in the dark and standing for something good is Firefly’s message.

Enthrall: What's your most memorable/ exciting moment so far?

Melanie: The Leanne Rimes show in Phoenix! We lined up the show through her manager and they decided that Firefly would be the opener. Usually, big

names have a traveling opener but Leanne Rimes didn’t have one. We also played in the Celebrity theatre for Martina McBride and Nickel Creek. Standing on that stage was AMAZING because that was the same stage that we’ve seen our favorites perform on. We’ve done a lot of pre-shows including performances for Carrie Underwood, Justin Bieber, and Zach Brown. But the MOST exciting moment in our career was the contest – the Colgate Country Showdown. We en- tered it last year and won the local competition, went to the state competition, and advanced to re- gionals where we won 2nd place. After the region- als, we went to Nashville and actually met our cur- rent manager that night, who was one of the judges. It was really stressful during the last competition because our dad almost couldn’t make it, but he

happened to fly in from a trip just in time for the performance. Luckily, we performed last in the con- test; it felt SOOOO SO awesome! There is no other word to describe it. We worked hard and practiced and won! But, we didn’t expect it – didn’t expect it at all.

Enthrall:Whoa, so you’ve actually met all of these celebrities?

Melanie:Well we don’t always get to meet them. But McKenzie and Melanie got to hug Leanne Rimes! Zach Brown waved to us while he was working out by the tour bus; a lot of them don’t talk to openers, but we under- stand. We also met Mar- tina McBride when we opened for her on a local country radio station this past Decem- ber for Christ- mas. The ra- dio station is KMLE Coun- try 108; we

love them! They have just helped us so much! KMLE has supported us throughout our music ca- reer and were the ones that called and asked us to open for Martina.

Enthrall: Any embarrassing moments? Maddie: I tripped on stage [laughs].

I’m naturally

clumsy though. I tripped in the middle of the song, it was so funny! I even knocked over a couple stands. Oh, during the Martina concert, all of the mic stands were at knee level when we entered the stage.

McKenzie: I popped a zipper on my dress as we were going on stage – we wanted to safety-pin it, but


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