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names, Firefly continues to share their talents with their community. One would typically imagine that each beat of their lives move only to the rhythm of their music performance but surprisingly, Maddie still attends highschool and McKenzie and Melanie are full-time college students. Sewing, painting, drawing, and writing range amongst their time and interests as well. I wondered how they juggle it all – the homework, the studying, the composing, the per- forming, the practice-when-you-can moments, the creating – and I received the answer when the girls came to a very important aspect of their lives. Their faith. God is in the mix…we would be nowhere without Him. Religion drives our lives! The binding to their life story of music and family is their religion and their goal is to be role models for young females and to have a positive influence in an increasingly darkening world. For Firefly it’s not about fame or fortune, it’s about letting the light shine through the little things that bring a glow to the faces and hearts of their listeners. Shine on, Firefly.

Enthrall: How did you get started in your career?

Enthrall: Wow, so do you write all the music that you perform?

Melanie: Everyone writes their own songs, accompa- niments, and arrangements. We aren’t really organ- ized when it comes to creating our songs – when we ―hear something‖ (such as a tune) we take advantage. While writing lyrics, we’ll pick up our instruments, and play. Often someone else will join in and sing harmony. You really have to take advantage of the moment.

―Shining in the dark and standing for something good is Firefly’s

message.‖ - Melanie

Melanie: At the age of 14, my dad taught me chords with his guitar. I began to write songs and play music and by 15, I was journaling my music. At 17, I went to Nashville with my mom. All I wanted to do was sing, write country songs, and be a country singer. At one point, I was asked to play at the Blue Bird Café. I was told that I could have two people play with me. Of course, I chose my sisters [McKenzie and Maddie] to play with me at the Blue bird Café that night. After that, we found it fun and decided to be a band! We’ve been a band for three years, now.

Enthrall: Do your other family members also sing and play instruments? That’s awesome how you write your own music.

Melanie: Everyone in the fam- ily sings. Our 14-year-old brother plays the piano and writes his own songs. He’s the ―piano crazy man‖! Another one of our brothers is 22 and plays fiddle and sings. During one of our shows, our older brother and his friends played with us. Oh and our little sister dances! She’s 8 years old. During our shows, we usually have her come up and dance.

Enthrall: That’s so cool! How much have you written

so far as a group?

Melanie:We have a couple albums worth of songs. We haven’t had the opportunity to record, but we’re working on it! When we write, it’s pretty flexible; just change whatever you wanna change. It’s a gift from God – to be able to create music together is not some- thing you can really be taught; it comes from Someone greater.

Enthrall: Who came up with the name Fire- fly? What does it mean?


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