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Enthrall: So, when did you girls found Penin- sula Prom Closet? Melody Schmidt:We founded it when I was 12 and [Christy] was 10. I read an article in the newspaper saying that some girls can't go to prom because they can't afford it. We found this really sad, so we held our first prom dress collection to try to help.

E:Wow. How did people respond? MS: People responded so well! In our first collec- tion we received over 200 dresses and 50 pairs of shoes, which was amazing.

E: Wow, that's so awesome! How many dresses have you given away since you began Peninsula Prom Closet? MS:We've collected and distributed over 600 dresses and over 250 accessories/shoes.

E: Did you ever think that your idea would be- come this big? MS: I really didn't, i thought we'd get like 10 dresses and that would be the end of that.

E: You were featured on ABC7 News for Penin- sula Prom Closet. When you heard that you were going to be on the news, what thoughts went through your head? MS:Well when I heard I was going to be on the news, I was SO excited. Danny Romero came to my house to interview me, which was awesome. A lot of my friends watched me when I was on TV, and as an added bonus I also received a $1000 savings bond, which I used to pay for a computer for college.

(Above and Below) Dresses do- nated to Peninsula Prom Closet

E: That's great publicity! Did you have any more requests for interviews after the news? Or were you featured in any articles, newspa- pers, or magazines? MS: I've been featured in Peninsula People, a local magazine, as well as Peninsula News and The Daily Breeze, two other local periodicals. I also have a feature about me in my school's year- book this year.

E: Are there guidelines girls need to follow when donating a dress? MS: Not in particular, they know that the dresses go to teenage girls so style is a plus, but we ac- cept any dress that is in decent condition.

E: Is there a certain style of prom dress that you receive more than others? MS: Not really, we get almost every kind of dress!

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E:What advice do you have for girls who may want to start their own organization? MS: Any small steps you take will help you out in the future. Even getting featured in one small magazine, or having one small collection gave me credit for later when I needed it.

E: If readers want to know more about Penin- sula Prom Closet, where can they go? MS: They can email peninsulaprom-


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