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Page 22 - June 2011 Irrigation & Drainage Drainage Equipment GREAT LAkES INTER-DRAIN 800-767-1904

aFT Trenching equipment can take care

of drainage problems sportsfield managers deal with. after many years of drainage experience, call us for your equipment needs.

STEC Equipment Inc 888-325-2532 Drainage Systems & Supplies


The Drainage Products online Store offers a comprehensive collection of drainage

accessories. enter promo code: gCTraDe for 10% discount

Eagle Golf & Landscape Products, Inc.

Erosion Controls

Eagle Golf & Landscape Products, Inc.

800-213-2453 800-213-2453 Mat Incorporated 888-477-3028 Flags & Markers (Irrigation)

CoLoR-FLEx DISTANCE MARkERS 877-453-3539

Color-Flex Inc. The only flexible golf distance/hazard marker that is capable of being mowed over from any direction. our customers say we are the best.

Great Lakes Inter-Drain

Greens, Fairway & Drainage Management 800-767-1904

STEC EqUIPMENT INC 888-325-2532

STEC Equipment is the industry leader in Specialized Turf Equipment for Irrigation and Drainage. From our Ground quake Sand Injector for sand slit drainage to AFT Trenchers with conveyor clean up system and laser control, we have you covered on all your specialized equipment needs.

Ground & Surface Water Management Services Great Lakes Inter-Drain

Groundwater Management Great Lakes Inter-Drain 800-767-1904 Mowers, Equipment & Maintenance Aeration Core Pulverisers Heying Company/ 712-756-8847 Aerators (soil) Graden USA, Inc

BANNERMAN LTD 800-665-2696

Bannerman has performed sportsturf magic for nearly 50 years, helping golf courses save time and money while maintaining safe and attractive facilities.

Country Club Landscaping Cutter Equipment

Futures Golf Equipment 440-235-2157 330-455-8873 Bill Collins 866-331-6621

Bannerman LTD Buffalo Turbine

Toro Company, The Turfsource LLC 800-803-ToRo 7724-295-4000

Dethatchers 804-249-9950 Drag Mat 800-665-2696 716-592.2700


Top dress your greens the effective, “low- tech” way with a Sandpiper drag mat system.


Country Sales and Service LLC 330-683-2500 Graden USA, Inc 866-588-3092

Save your green... go gloBal ! Graden USA, Inc 804-249-9950

REDExIM TURF PRoDUCTS 314-378-1889

We are the first-factory direct store representing Redexim North America- the world leading manufacturer of equipment specifically designed for all professionally managed turf areas.

Rock River Equipment Statewide Turf

Summit Turf Equipment Co. Toro Company, The Turfsource LLC

Buffalo Turbine Country Club Landscaping

Abell Turf & Tractor Bulldog Turf & Golf 866-967-9440 866-798-8731 410-935-2937 800-803-ToRo

Attachments Blowers 724-295-4000 716-592.2700 440 235-2157 Bunker Maintenance Equipment 678-296-0822 678-371-8662


ALLEN/AToM/HAyTER/SPykER 800-780-9889

atom golf Bunker edger: Shaft driven, the atom golf Bunker edger has a 17 ¾” blade and the power to re-establish edges or just trim. edge even large bunkers in minutes. 800-348-2396

We carry a full line of specialty tires, flotation tires, and wheels.

Pomp’s flotation tires can eliminate costly tire rutting.

Greens Groomers Heying Company/ 712-756-8847 866-967-9440

“rockriver is dedicated to providing the best alternative to new golf and sports turf equipment. our machines are reconditioned by factory-trained certified technicians.”.

Toro Company, The

Inject-o-Meter Mfg. Company

Flotation Tires 800-803-ToRo Fertilizer Injection Equipment 800-545-4440 Redexim Turf Products 804-249-9950 www.RedeximTurfProducts 314-378-1889 Greens Rollers

GRADEN USA INC 804-249-9950

Manufacturers of fine turf equipment - verTICuTTerS / DeTHaTCHerS, greenS rollerS and our patented ConTour SanD InJeCTIon machine. Please see our website for dealer locations.


Abell Turf & Tractor Bulldog Turf & Golf Cutter Equipment 678-296-0822 678-371-8662 330-455-8873

Luber Brothers R & R Products

Leaf Blowers

BUFFALo TURBINE 716-592.2700

Buffalo Turbine manufactures “High-

Volume, High-Velocity” debris blowers including Trailer or skid mount versions in Gasoline, and Diesel along with hydraulic and PTo powered debris blowers.

Mowers 800-275-0867 800-528-3446 800-767-1904 Irrigation (installation and repair) G L Salzer 309-263-5800 Irrigation Equipment & Supplies

Country Sales and Service LLC 330-683-2500 Greenleaf Technologies J Davis Marking Systems

Northwest Environmental Specialties Sonic Solutions LLC Irrigation Services 866-562-5423 Lake Management Products

Eagle Golf & Landscape Products, Inc.

Sonic Solutions LLC Pipe Repair kits

INDUMAR PRoDUCTS 800-523-7867

use the SToP IT® PIPe rePaIr SySTeM

to repair pipe leaks in about 30 minutes with minimal excavation.

800-213-2453 866-562-5423 Sprinkler Valve Boxes PENTEk ACCESS BoxES

(FoRMERLy ARMoR ACCESS BoxES) 888-773-2776

exceptional quality, durability and a 10-year lid guarantee make Pentek access Boxes your choice for turf irrigation access boxes. 800-881-4832 563-652-0638 866-701-7350

TrunkPump 866-381-1565 Spraying Nozzles & Accessories



golf courses to control drift and improve cov- erage. TurboDrop®

nozzles are used on hundreds of nozzles eliminate the need

for expensive shrouded booms, and can be easily retrofitted to any sprayer on the market.

Pumps (drainage)

R & R Products


Why buy used when you can buy neW, factory direct, and save! For over 35 years, r&r manufactures high-quality turf equipment and parts well below competition prices.

Toro Company, The Turfsource LLC Wesco Turf, Inc

Foley United

Magna-Matic Corporation Neary Technologies


Hover Mowers SEAGo INT’L –

ALLEN/AToM/HAyTER/SPykER 800-780-9889

allen Hover Mowers: Honda-powered allen Hover Mowers are available in 16”, 18” and 21” cutting widths. Three blade options including new all Stainless Steel Blades on full sized machines.

Hydroseeding Equipment

Country Sales and Service LLC 330-683-2500 Turbo Technologies, Inc. 800-822-3437 330-455-8873

Cutter Equipment Company buys and sells pre-owned turf equipment to the golf course and sports turf industry. Call or visit us online at

888-544-6287 800-803-ToRo 724-295-4000 888-245-4063

Grinders 800-225-9810 800-328-1110 800-233-4973

Ground Cover Mats 678-371-8662

Bulldog Turf & golf offers the biggest selection of top quality pre-owned turf equipment, all at a price you can afford.

Country Club Landscaping 440-235-2157

SHoWTURF LLC 888-746-8873

Seago Int’l–Allen/Atom/Hayter/Spyker 800-780-9889 Mowers (used & remanufactured)

Abell Turf & Tractor 678-296-0822

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