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wcf news WCF News ✓ Nick Perkins BVSc CertCHP MRCVS has been appointed to the examinations board.

✞ The Court was saddened to hear of the deaths of past Masters Roy Thompson and Brian Wilson and Liveryman Keith Wood, all of whom had done so much to further the work of the Company.

✓ The Master, Jeremy Fern, presented Master Farrier certificates and silver medals in December 2010 to Paul Ibbotson, Andrew Poynton and to John Stanley, Nigel Brown, Roger Clark, Tim Maskell and Stephen Newman in March.

✓ Major Ann O’Flynn, veterinary officer with the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment was presented with a Certificate of Affiliation by the Master at the March Court luncheon.

✓ Liverymen Carl Boyd MRCVS and David Gulley FWCF relayed their life stories working with horses at the Farriery Lecture on February 16 at the Guildhall. David Gulley, who completed his year of office as President of the European Federation of Farriers Associations in November 2010, has been a farrier for over 50 years. He spoke of his love for farriery and how he became involved with the shoeing of horses, the apprentices he has trained and tales of his farriery related trips worldwide. Carl, who has been in veterinary practice for 60 years gave a fascinating and entertaining talk about his love for the heavy horse – particularly the Percheron. Carl is also a fearless carriage driver and has driven his own horses at many competitions nationally and internationally.

WCF/FRC presentation ceremony

Some confusion over the various routes through which higher examinations can now be gained, meant that Forge omitted to include the names of a number of the successful candidates and the error is regretted. The following candidates were successful in the higher examinations held in October 2010, and have gained the Associateship of the Worshipful Company of Farriers (AWCF).

Having achieved the Foundation Degree in Farriery at Myerscough College, the following farriers also achieved the AWCF:

Jürgen Gotthardt FdSc AWCF from Germany Phillip Alistair Hodgson FdSc AWCF

WCF examination: Charles William Hughes AWCF Tim Maskell AWCF Robert John Shave AWCF Jonathan Nunn AWCF Ralph Kendzerski AWCF Michael Stephen Sermesheim AWCF

14 forge | June 2011

Army examination: Lee Blakeway AWCF

Alan Bould AWCF Robert Black-Wood AWCF

The following candidates were successful in the Company’s higher examinations held in April 2011:

Henrik Kjaer Berger AWCF Sarah-Mary Brown AWCF Ben Thomas Ebrey AWCF

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