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Specimen Holders and Support Retort stand tripod bases


Retort rod (2pcs) Swivel post holder

Three prong clamp (medium) (2pcs)

180mm from rod to centre of foot.Cast iron with central hole tapped for retort rod. Blue acrylic gloss finish with rubber feet

600mm stainless steel retort rod

Two Q-clamp rod holders with centre swivel allows tilting of clamp at any angle in parallel planes.Outside adjustment screw allows close proximity between items.

Three-prong clamps for holding circular or irregular objects.

Dual adjustment allows both jaws to be moved to the object without having to move the entire clamp and enables even weight distribution around the rod axis.Non-corrosive nickel finish with slip on vinyl and fibreglass finger covers. Maximum jaw capacity = 57mm

Three prong clamp (small) (2pcs)

Boss head (3pcs)

As per three prong clamp (medium) but maximum jaw capacity = 25mm

Diecast, nickel-plated with heavy nickel-plated brass thumb head clamping screws.

Flexible specimen support Used in the Horizontal BurningTest; HB Wire gauze

Foam support stand

Foamed sample support gauze

Specimen mandrel form

Services Gas Supply

Extraction Power Conditioning

125mm x 125mm, having 20 openings per 25mm,made with 0.43 ± 0.03 diameter iron wire, used in the Horizontal BurningTest,HB

Used in the Horizontal Burning Foamed MaterialTest: HBF, HF-1, or HF-2

Stainless steel, 215mm long x 75mm wide with 13mm of its length bent to form a right angle at one end

12.7 ± 0.5mm diameter rod, used inThin Burning MaterialTest Due to FTT’s continuous development policy, specification could change without prior notice

A supply of technical grade methane gas, (min 98% pure), with a regulator for uniform gas flow.The connection to the chamber is a 6mm diameter hose barb.

The extraction from the chamber must be connected to a suitable exhaust point, e.g. fume cupboard.

Electrical power providing, 230VAC 50/60Hz, 1A or 110VAC 50/60Hz, 2A must be available at the test apparatus. (Check services label)

Specimens are preconditioned in accordance withASTM D 618 (ISO 921) at 23 ± 2°C and 50% relative humidity for a minimum of 48hours. Specimens for certain tests are to be preconditioned in an air- circulating oven for 168 hours at 70 ± 1°C and then cooled in the desiccator for at least 4 hours at roomtemperature,prior to testing. Once removed from the desiccator, specimens shall be tested within 30 minutes. All specimens are to be tested in a laboratory atmosphere of 15-35°C and 45-75% relative humidity. Cotton shall be conditioned in the desiccator for at least 24 hours prior to use. Once removed from the desiccator, the cotton shall be used within 30 minutes.

Test Accessories

Cotton – a supply of absorbent cotton wool, (100% cotton). Adhesive tape.

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