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Hudson - Litchfield News 16 - May 27, 2011

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Hudson~Litchfield News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Hudson~Litchfield News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs down to the new Litchfield school board member who did a no show at orientation. The district PAID money for you to go. How is that fiscally responsible?”

“Thumbs up to my beautiful wife, Missy! Happy Anniversary, you are still my Angel.”

“Thumbs up to the Hudson parents who stay married, the simple fact is it is significantly better for children to grow up in a two parent household rather then a single parent household. Divorce is easy. Marriage is not. Hats off to those couples

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“Thumbs down to the Hudson Chief of Police, the selectmen, the town administrator, and the former chief of police in the Captain Breault case. I urge all of the taxpayers to read the court trial transcripts, which are public. This was a waste of your money and time. The selectmen fully support the current chief who in the trial questioning could not answer many of the questions by the defense. The former chief violated a sequester order. Throughout this whole trial the town leaked information to the press to try to sway public opinion. The selectmen state that the Attorney General is responsible for going to trial. The selectmen have to remember that they must have a competent Chief of police to deal with conflict in the work place before it goes to the next level. How much will it cost the taxpayers’ in the future when conflict in the workplace does arise? As a 10- year military veteran this is not what our country is about!”

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who despite enormous issues with each other manage to stay married for the good of their families – You Folks rock!”

“Thumbs up to the U9 Litchfield Lacrosse

coaches and team. You guys have improved so much in a short amount of time. Thank you to the coaches for starting the league in town and volunteering your time.”

“Thumbs down to the Litchfield Republican Committee. You took the last election results as a mandate to cut spending but you have gone too far. I am a Republican leaning Independent but will be voting all Democrat next election. Take a hint and try to work in the middle, extremes on either side never work.”

“Thumbs down to the suspicious activity on Lund Drive arrested again!!! So that’s why all the cars and trucks are coming and going from your house. You need to move! People want their nice neighborhood back!! Do us all the favor and move!!!”

“Thumbs up to New Hampshire! As the Massachusetts Speaker of the House is undergoing a corruption trial that will most likely have him spending the next 10 years in jail, Massachusetts looks to add new taxes on candy, soda, spirits (a tax rescinded by voters last fall), and a new graduated income tax up to 9%. Has Massachusetts every met a corrupt politician it wouldn’t vote for or a new tax it didn’t

love? I thank my lucky stars to have been born and live in New Hampshire!”

“Thumbs down to the Hudson Teachers that refused to teach a Selectman’s daughter just because they have a difference of opinion. What gives these teachers the right to imperiously decide if they will educate a child based on the parents’ political beliefs? That’s wrong and I can’t believe it’s not illegal. Those teachers can move back to Massachusetts or wherever that terrible behavior is accepted.”

“Thumbs up to the town of Litchfield, for doing cool things, such as bonfires at the high school & fire truck parades, (wish it was done twice a year) - where we can step out the front door & show our appreciation to the area firefighters and other emergency personnel. Good stuff.”

“Thumbs down to the Litchfield Republican Committee for petitioning State Representatives to not allow us to vote on potentially reinstating education funding from the state. Why do you

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the bad situations in that department. Tell the taxpayers why he left.”

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“Thumbs down to the Alvirne students, parents and guests who left the Alvirne Academics Awards immediately after they, their son, daughter or

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and uniform ordering. She also works very hard to make Family Fun Day a wonderful event each year. Litchfield is very lucky to have her.”

“Thumbs up to Deputy Fire Chief John ‘Jocko’

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Larry and Jackie Martone

friend received their award(s) instead of staying and applauding the students who had not yet received theirs. Why did you do that? To beat the traffic? So you wouldn’t miss your favorite TV commercial? You suddenly remembered that the toilet needed to be cleaned? Couldn’t you feel the weight of the stares as you slithered toward the exit? Maybe not, you’re probably in the habit of leaving church, school and work early too. You may excel in mathematics, writing, music and rudeness but you receive a failing grade in respect, which is a very nice quality to possess.”

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“Thumbs down!! When did Hudson get another racetrack?? Webster Street has turned into a racetrack...after losing my mailbox a few months back by a drunk driver... come home last night and discovered 2 other mailboxes down and my neighbor’s car sideways in her driveway!! Another drunk driver... please Hudson do something about this!!”

“Thumbs down - It’s the American way to

allow any corporation to make a profit. But when a company is making a high obscene profit subsidized with my tax dollars - that’s unfair and un-American. Congressman Bass I thought you represented me, not the oil companies. Your vote disappointed me, my vote in the next election will

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“Thumbs down to the Alvirne student in the maroon Jeep with Bruins stickers on it that tried to run me and my children off the road on May 3rd. No one is going to dart into heavy traffic in both directions on 102. Count your blessings that my kids were in the car when you tried run me off the road, they are the only reason I swerved off the road when you tried to kill us. Enjoy what is left of your life, if you keep driving like that you won’t live another year. God Bless.”


fear a vote? You have screamed that residents, not the school board, should make the decision. Why do you want to take our democratic process away?”

“Thumbs down to the person bashing a mom for not wanting athletic pictures scheduled on Mother’s Day. I hardly think this makes her ungrateful for the health of her children. Mother’s day is a family day. My mom has terminal cancer since you mention appreciating health, so I should spend this day with my mom rather than at athletic photo sittings.”

“Thumbs down to Jasper and Coutu, now a deputy chief has left Hudson Fire because of

“Thumbs down to the person who falsely accused my daughter last week of allegedly throwing a can out her car window at a child on a bike. I welcome the opportunity to discuss the incident with you in person. My address is 8 Fairview Dr., come by any evening and please bring the facts.”

“Thumbs up to Marion Simoneau! She continues to volunteer her time to the LGSL even though her daughter no longer plays in the league. She does all of the equipment

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Allison. Your retirement from the Nashua fire service after 40 plus years will be missed! Congratulations and Good Luck! You deserve it. It is time for others to wait on you, where you always helped others both as a firefighter and as a Hudson Townie pitching in whereever you could, especially with the elder population!”

“Thumbs up to the person who

found my donation check at Jette Field and took the time to return it to me. Much appreciated!. Thank you so much.”

5/5/11 2:56:29 PM APR*

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Hudson~Litchfield News or its advertisers. Hudson- Litchfield News Tumbs Column should not be used to hurt or defame an individual or business. It has become increasingly difficult to publish some comments due to the extreme negative content. Te Hudson-Litchfield News Editorial Staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

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