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Pelham - Windham News May 27, 2011 - 11

Eat Your Vegetables

by Bill Dawson, UNH Cooperative Extension Master Gardener The phrase “eat your vegetables” keeps ringing in my

Katherine DaSilva, a resident of Pelham and a member of the class of 2011, was named to the Dean’s List at Providence College for the fall semester. Connor P. Mulligan, grade 9, of Windham, earned Honors for the fall term at Phillips Exeter Academy. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mulligan. Courtney Perry (American Studies and Education), Kimberly Cordeiro (Social Work and Counseling), and Shannen Perry (Liberals Arts), all of Pelham, were named to the Dean’s List for the fall semester at Franklin Pierce University. Tyler Glaude, a resident of Pelham, has been named to the Dean’s List for the fall semester at Champlain College. He is majoring in Web Development and Design and is the son of David and Mary Glaude. Taylor Ceria was named to the Dean’s List at Saint Joseph’s College of Main for the fall semester. Kerrin Foley and Andrew Kirlis, both of

Windham, and Ellen Lepore of Pelham were named to the Dean’s List for the fall semester at Quinnipiac University. Amanda M. Law of Pelham, class of 2013, has been named to the Dean’s List for the fall semester at Assumption College. Alex DelGreco of Pelham has been named to the Dean’s List for the fall semester at Dean College. He is the son of Bruno and Linda DelGreco.

New England College has named Laura Hachez

of Pelham to the Dean’s List for the fall semester. Ryan Casey of Pelham was among those named to the Dean’s High Honors List at Nichols College for the fall semester. The fall semester Dean’s List at Bryant

University includes Adrienne Boss (Management) and Andrea Cyr (Accounting), both of Windham, and Melody Moore (Communication) of Pelham. Leigh-Ann Lucia Albanese, a member of the class of 2013 and a Nursing major from Windham, and Jaime B. Newell, a member of the class of 2013 and a Studio Art major from Pelham, were named to the Dean’s List for the fall semester at Colby-Sawyer College. Springfield College has named Windham residents Jocelyn Beals and Krysten Kalutkiewicz to the Dean’s List for the fall semester. Both are studying to be Physician Assistants. The University of New Hampshire-Manchester has named the following residents to the Dean’s List for the fall semester: From Pelham: Mary Corey-Fox (Politics and Society); and from Windham: Mack Bushell (General Studies), Jinnea Hebert (General Studies), Christopher R. Hughes (Biological Sciences), Jared R. Monterisi (History), Alycia M. Sprague (Psychology), Daniel R. Wilson (Biological Sciences), and Matthew M. Withington (Business). Abigail Derick, class of 2011 at Connecticut College and a resident of Windham, has been named to the Dean’s Honors List for the fall semester. The following residents have been named to the

Dean’s List at the University of New Hampshire- Durham for the fall semester: Pelham: Daniel Bishop (High Honors),

Nicholas Demers (High Honors), Joshua Detellis (High Honors), Caitlyn Doherty (Highest Honors), Colleen Fyfe (Honors), Ashley Gagne (Highest Honors), Danielle Golinski (Highest Honors), Christine Hebert (Highest Honors), Maybeth Hebert (Highest Honors), Roy Hebert (Honors), Sophia Hur (High Honors), Timothy Ivers (High Honors), Danielle Libman (Honors), Matthew Libman (Highest Honors), Julie Loosigian (Highest Honors), Tahlor Marchi (Highest Honors), Lindsey Marshall (High Honors), Nicole Mastacouris (Highest Honors), Erika Mogauro (Honors), Kathryn Neal (Honors), Jordan Nealey (Honors), Corey Neskey (Honors), Emma Notini (High Honors), Maura Notini (High Honors), Rachel Notini (High Honors), Christine Page (Highest Honors), Sarah Page (Honors), Kayla

Panagopoulos (Honors), Robert Pappagianopoulos (High Honors), Christiana Pimental (Highest Honors), Alec Rader (High Honors), Kathryn Riddinger (Honors), Emily Spognardi (Highest Honors), Lauren Tassone (Highest Honors), Sara Valley (Honors), Stephanie Winn (Highest Honors), Christos Ziogas (High Honors), Stephen Lamarre (Honors), Michael Bean (Honors). Windham: Joshua Armstrong (High Honors),

Amy Barry (Highest Honors), Steven Bench (Honors), Jonathan Boghigian (Honors), Caitlin Buckley (High Honors), Mikayla Cadoret (High Honors), Colin Campbell (Highest Honors), Gulsun Cavusoglu (Highest Honors), Gina Ciambella (High Honors), Alexandra Coakley (Honors), Christopher Cotton (Highest Honors), Laura Dennison (Honors), Sara Dennison (Highest Honors), Michele DiOrio (High Honors), Zachary Duve (High Honors), Ryan Dyer (Highest Honors), Maxwell Farr (Honors), Alexandria Forgione (Highest Honors), Elodie Gauthier (Highest Honors), Benjamin Gibbons (Highest Honors), Matthew Gibbons (Honors), John Goglia (Highest Honors), Christine Grant (Highest Honors), Christopher Hale (High Honors), Christen Hynes (Highest Honors), Kyle Kalutkiewicz (Highest Honors), Jeremy Kennelly (Highest Honors), Jared Koeck (Honors), Shelley Kosek (Highest Honors), Jordan Kusch (Honors), Samuel Levin (Honors), Keri Longacre (High Honors), Jessica Maffeo (Honors), Megan McLaughlin (Honors), Kimberly McWilliams (High Honors), Alexandra Miller (High Honors), Kathryn Moran (Honors), Marie Charlotte Noreng (Honors), Casey Peters (High Honors), Kelsey Pillets (Honors), Karilyn Sheldon (Highest Honors), Stephanie Squeglia (High Honors), Jessica Theriault (Highest Honors), Nicholas Tovey (High Honors), James Tumel (High Honors), Lindsay Ventola (Highest Honors). Stonehill College named Windham residents Brianna M. Bach, class of 2012, and Christina Tousignant Miller, class of 2013, and Pelham resident Julia M. Crane, class of 2013, to the Dean’s List for the fall semester. John Pierson of Windham was named to the

Dean’s List at the University of New Haven for the fall semester.

Among those named to the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll for the fall semester at Stonehill College was Windham resident Brianna Bach (Equestrian), and Pelham resident Trent Fontanella (Men’s Cross Country and Men’s Track and Field). Wentworth Institute of Technology has announced that Sean Paradis of Pelham has been named to the Dean’s List for the fall semester. Endicott College has announced that Nicole

Amy Richards of Pelham has been named to the Dean’s List for the fall. Nichole is majoring in Liberal Studies Teacher Licensure. She is the daughter of Brian and Allison Richards. Congratulations go out to Brendan Smith of

Pelham. Brendan has been accepted to Boston College High School and will be attending in the fall of 2011. Pelham residents Jeffrey Adams, majoring in Computer Science; Fraudulent Activity, majoring in Health Science; Gina Guimond, majoring in Health Science; Lauren Murphy, majoring in Communication Studies; and Joseph Toscano, majoring in Business Administration, have been named to the Dean’s List at Northeastern University for the fall semester. Samantha E. Bangs of Pelham has been named to the Dean’s List for the fall semester at Emanuel College.

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ears. In the time when I grew up, choosing whether to eat the vegetables on your plate was not open for discussion. If you refused, you gave up some more desirable item on the menu as well. Today, children are allowed more flexibility in the consumption of vegetables and it has led to some problems relating to overweight. I still eat my vegetables, but now I grow my own. I have converted to raised beds for my vegetable planting. In late April, I plant my first crop of peas and lettuce. One of my beds is a rather large, cold frame, so the lettuce that wintered over is transferred to an open bed to make room for the spring crop. The crop that survived the winter, although a little bitter, is supplementing the store-bought romaine and has been doing so for more than a month. Fresh thyme and oregano as well as chives are coming from the herb area of my beds. Although you can’t make a meal out of those three, they add flavor and color to main dishes. I have motivated my wife to create a small herb bed. She, of course, needs a little assistance from me, the expert. She started some peat pots of parsley, basil, and cilantro. Later, she will plant some dill and mustard in another spot because of their height. The second week in May, I put my tomatoes into

big pots. I started the seeds in peat pots in late March and transplant them when they’re about five inches tall. I harden them off in a planting bed that I use as a greenhouse until it is time to sow beans and spinach there.

My greenhouse looks like a small Quonset hut. I create that effect by bending four eight-foot-long pieces

of half-inch PVC pipe in a 180-degree arc, securing the ends with lag bolts inserted into the frame of the planting bed. I secure the apex of each piece of bent pipe to a piece of aluminum pipe with zip-ties. Finally, I drape a large sheet of 4-mil translucent plastic

over the entire structure, securing it with zip-ties to the center pole pipe and allowing the sides to hang to the ground. The south-facing side of the plastic can be rolled to the supporting center pole so the temperature doesn’t go above 75 degrees during the sunny days. Total cost of that creation—about $10. It’s a poor man’s greenhouse. A couple of weeks ago, I prepped my strawberry bed.

The weeds always seem to get a running start, so I have to spend a day or so crawling around on the ground pulling them out one at a time. It does nothing for my dignity, but it is the most effective way because the alternative is bending from the waist. An hour of bending and I’d be ready for the emergency room and a shot of painkiller. Next week, it is potato-planting time. I will plant about five pounds in elongated hills. Usually, I plant some additional peas during the same week. Beans go in around Memorial Day. I plant climbers at the back of the bed so that they can be supported. In the front of the bed, I usually create double rows of green and yellow- wax bush beans. As soon as I’ve figured out what flowers have come up in the flower garden, I usually sow some lettuce, spinach, and Swiss chard to fill in and keep the weeds down. I’ve found that if you don’t give weeds room to grow, you don’t have to pull quite so many. Not your average flower bed, I agree, but it’s my flower

bed. I consider it just another cutting garden. I can cut a few zinnias and harvest some salad greens at the same time.

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