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up seafood, prime rib, chicken and great salads, but the traditional oven-baked pizza is the star here.


Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: Closed on Sunday. GO THERE FOR: A varied Italian menu.

Gilly’s 20 Monroe NW. 616-356-2000 SEAFOOD. Gilly’s may not be the biggest name on the seafood block, but it takes second place to no one in regards to quality, freshness and inspiration. A vast array of exotic fish is line-caught, flown in and prepared fresh daily. Every facet of Gilly’s speaks to impeccable attention to detail.


ON: Closed on Sunday. GO THERE FOR: Fresh seafood at a great price.

G.R.P.D. (Grand Rapids Pizza and Delivery) 340 State St. SE. 616-454-9204 ITALIAN. The current Grand Rapids location was opened in 2004, and it was the first established pizzeria in the Heritage Hill district. The location serves as a common meeting area for local folks, business professionals and college students, a place where one could gather for a quick meal or a reflective lunch. It offers both hand-tossed pizza and Chicago-style stuffed pizza, as well as pasta, sandwiches, salads, and chicken wings. It also offers online ordering.

Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Pizza.

Grand Rapids Brewing Company 3689 28th St. (616) 285-5970 BREWPUB. Grand Rapids’ oldest brewery, Grand Rapids Brewing Company has lived to see three decades. Silver Foam, the company’s namesake beer from 1893, is a mainstay on the brewery’s six taps. Other mainstays include Pale Ale, River City Red and Lumberman Dark. Pair your beer with food that ranges from soups and salads to gourmet grill specialties to pizzas.

SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Craft beer


Grand Woods Lounge 77 Grandville Ave SW. 616-451-4300 AMERICAN. The restaurant’s interior exudes a warm, casual ambiance reminiscent of the great eateries of the Pacific Northwest; the outdoor porch features two outdoor bars and a fireplace. Menu stocked with affordable appetizers great for sharing, plus salads, sandwiches, and entrées. Lots of domestics and microbrews, plus an array of martinis including the “Woodstini,” a tasty mix of Stoli Orange Vodka, mandarin oranges and raspberries.

» SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: ON: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Cocktails. » SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN

Graydon’s Crossing 1223 Plainfield NE. 616-726-8260 TAVERN. An authentic take on the English Pub, with a huge selection of beers on tap and a menu that includes classic English dishes like Fish & Chips, Shepherd’s Pie and Irish Stew, as well as Indian specialties like Tandoori Chicken and Tikka Masala. A great casual atmosphere for drinking and dining.

» SERVING: TOP 5Desserts

Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Beer and authentic pub food.

The Green Well 924 Cherry SE. 616-808-3566 ITALIAN. REVUE’s “Hanging out…” columnist Steven de Polo writes, “Green Well Gastro Pub is the best restaurant in Grand Rapids.” The East Hills gastro-pub serves up an ever-changing menu featuring local ingredients, and its beverage offerings include a wide array of local craft brews and wines. The green refers also to the LEED© certified building and management’s commitment to leaving behind a small carbon footprint.

Dinner OPEN ON: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Baked local goat cheese, Michigan maple whiskey chicken over risotto (DePolo).

» SERVING: Lunch

» SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: Closed on Sunday. GO THERE FOR: BBQ Ribs, Whitefish.

HopCat 25 Ionia SW. 616-451-4677 TAVERN. Rated the 3rd best beer bar on the planet by Beer Advcoate, HopCat’s spin on its food is thus: “It’s the food your Mom would feed you, if your Mom loved beer.” That’s specifically true for HopCat’s beerbar cheese, cheese ale soup and porter braised beef, but mom would also love the Hippie wrap (it’s vegetarian), the crack fries (they’re not real crack), and the Killer Mac and

Honey Creek Inn 8025 Cannonsburg Rd. NE. 616-874-7849 AMERICAN. Located in the Village of Cannonsburg, Honey Creek is one of the oldest pubs in Kent County, dating back to the 1930s. It’s a warm and cozy spot with a diverse menu, though it’s best known for fresh fish, prime cuts of beef and baby back ribs.

Cheese. Because what mom doesn’t like mac and cheese?

» SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Widest variety of beers, crack fries.

» SERVING: Dinner OPEN ON: Closed on Sunday. GO THERE FOR: Choice-cut prime rib, 10-oz. Baseball Filet, 14-oz. Top

J Bar 20 Monroe NW. 616-356-2000 STEAKS. Lauded and oft-awarded as Grand Rapid’s top steakhouse, featuring grass-fed beef selection plus an ample selection of seafood, chops and house specialties. Extensive wine cellar and taste- fully upscale ambiance that’s comfortable rather than stuffy.


J. Gardella’s Tavern 11 Ionia AVE SW. 616-459-8824 TAVERN. A popular Grand Rapids nightspot, J. Gardella’s is conveniently located next to Van Andel Arena. The architecture and decor is much like that of a Chicago tavern, complete with wood floors, an embossed metal ceiling, brick walls, and hand-carved moldings.

SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Low priced beverages, large portioned meals, selection of single malt scotches and microbrews.


JD Reardon’s Bar & Grill 940 Monroe Ave NW. (616) 454-8590 AMERICAN. Neighborhood pub offers 15 Michigan beers on tap and more bottled, along with a full menu of handmade appetizers, pizzas, salads, sandwiches and 16 half-pound burgers. Nightly drink specials and karaoke on Tuesday night.

GO THERE FOR: Burgers. » SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: Open 7 days.

By Matt Simpson Siegel

PALAZZOLO’S ARTISAN MICHIGAN BLUEBERRY GELATO 413 Third St., Fennville / (269) 561-2000 My first sampling of gelato occurred when I was 14 at St. Mark’s Square in Venice; each time I taste Palazzalo’s, regardless of flavor, I am back in Italy. It’s that simple. Gelato (gelato, singular) predates ice cream — in fact, the Italians invented both. If you have a cup of gelato, try a fruity flavor first — highly suggested is the Michigan Blueberry. If that doesn’t suit you, choose from the other 600-some flavors.

SWEETLAND CANDIES’ MALTEDS 5170 Plainfield Ave., Grand Rapids / (616) 363-3444 Sweetland’s has been creating happy Type 2 diabetics since 1919. Have them make you a chocolate malt. A simple chocolate malt, heavily creamy, with a thick top coat of whip cream and a cherry on top. Its simplicity is old fashioned elegance.

FOOD DANCE’S THE CAT’S MEOW 401 E. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo / (269) 382-1888

This flourless chocolate mousse has so much going for it, you will have to scrutinize it each time you put the fork in your mouth just to understand the flavors. Covered in almond pralines, whipped cream and ganache, you’ll be hesitant about sharing.

LAS VEGAS CHEESECAKE COMPANY 2255 Alpine Ave NW, Grand Rapids / (616) 447- 9045 It is odd the Las Vegas Cheesecake Company is located in Grand Rapids. It is lucky that the best cheesecake in West Michigan is here. The Kahlua is by far the functioning-dessert-a-holic’s sweet tooth remedy. It may require dentistry quickly after consumption.

THE ELECTRIC CHEETAH 1015 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids / (616) 451-4779 Dessert changes every day at The Electric Cheetah, but one thing always remains: milk and cookies! If you go on a date and plan on dessert, the basic childhood touchstone treat is revamped with organic milk and scratch-made cookies so soft and heavenly, you’ll spend the first five minutes sniffing them.

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