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Electric Forest Fills Rothbury Void


HE WAIT IS OVER. The Rothbury fans’ cry for music, art, and freedom are answered in the new Electric Forest Festival held over the July 4 weekend this summer. The cancelation of last year’s Rothbury Music Festival had

Electric Forest Double JJ Resort, Rothbury June 30-July 3 $239.50

fans and critics alike wondering if the festival would ever have another go. Although Jeremy Stein, the festival’s producer, is quick to point out that the festival is a different event than Rothbury, he hopes that the Electric Forest Festival will help get things rolling again. Rothbury Music Festival

began in 2008 to celebrate music and art. More than 30,000 people flocked to the Double JJ Resort in Rothbury, Mich. to listen to bands such as Dave Matthews Band, Widespread Panic and John Mayer.

After the large turnout in 2008, the festival returned in 2009 with a musical lineup that included Willie Nelson, The Dead and Bob Dylan. The musical atmosphere at Rothbury had gone from a more modern sound to iconic artists.

PHOTO: CHAD SMITH With Double JJ filing for bankruptcy in 2008 and the temporary

lease agreement with AEG, Madison House Presents thought it best to postpone the Rothbury Music Festival. On top of that, big name artists were either off touring elsewhere or could not commit to the festival. For the 2011 Electric Forest Festival, Madison House Presents and Insomniac have worked together to procure a more diverse and electronic sounding lineup with The String Cheese Incident, Tiesto, Bassnectar, REO Speedwagon and more. As of now, the lineup defies genre boundaries with bands from

bluegrass and folk, classic rock and funk, to dubstep and electronic. “It is not genre specific,” Stein said, “it is a search for great artists

who are full of integrity.” With 15 new bands recently added to the list of 50 artists, the

Electric Forest Festival has already stirred up quite the buzz on Facebook and Twitter with more than 49,000 likes on Facebook and 1,900 fol- lowers on Twitter. The festival not only hosts more than 65 musical acts, but will also

have horseback riding, a water park, golf club and the Sherwood Forest. “The forest is an incredible canvas,” Stein said. During the day, hammocks are strung from trees and art installa-

tions hang from branches. At night, the forest blazes with light, art and music as those wandering through can see light shows. According to Stein, the lights and music combined “create a mysterious feel.” —Rachel MacDonald

Kalamazoo Blues Fest Kalamazoo July 7–9 (269) 381-6514

Every year, the Kalamazoo Valley Blues Association finds the finest blues talent in the region and the country and makes a three-day event out of West Michigan’s best blues.

Woofstock Fest Kalamazoo July 16 (269) 217-3708

A pet-friendly event that will have your dogs wagging for more. Enjoy a day with your pet and family at activities ranging from extreme makeover dog edition to live music.

Berlin Fair Marne July 18–23 (616) 677-1140

Emphasizing youth and agriculture, this fair aims to educate and entertain with

42 | REVUEWM.COM | JUNE 2011

rides, fun events and exhibits. Space is available for vendors to rent out as well. Not a bad idea, considering the fair draws more than 30,000 visitors each summer.

Traverse City Film Festival Traverse City July 26–31 (231) 392-1134

From free classic movies on an inflatable outdoor screen to foreign films premiering for the first time, the Traverse City Film Festival has much to offer. Parties and film panels are also included in this seventh annual show. Founded by the Academy- award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore, the festival highlights movies that range from documentary to independent films to overlooked films. Come out and experience the cinematic celebration.

Grand Haven Coast

Guard Festival Grand Haven July 29–August 7 (616) 846-5940

This 87th annual festival will celebrate and honor the men and women of the United States Coast Guard. Many fun-filled events will also take place during the celebrations.

Michigan Womyn’s

Music Festival Ludington August 2–7 (231) 757-4766

Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival includes workshops, community service opportuni- ties, events and activities, as well as live music. Women from different countries, cultures, races and ages gather together for this week-long camping event celebrat- ing and connecting with each other.

Coopersville Summerfest Coopersville August 8–13 (616) 997-5164

The perfect way to celebrate summer with more than 25 free or affordable family- friendly activities. Watch more than 400 cars take part in the Del Shannon Car Cruise and enjoy music and fireworks.

Suds on the Shore Clown Band Concert

and Corn Roast Ludington August 9 (231) 843-4808

The 2011 annual Clown Band Concert and Corn Roast will offer local residents and vistors the chance to experience the combined music of the Pentwater Civic Band and the Scottville Clown Band. The evening will kickstart with a delicous corn roast, and will be followed by the combined bands featuring many talented musicians. Proceeds from this event will go to The Mason County Historical Society.

National Blueberry Festival South Haven August 11–14 (800) 764-2836

Blueberry pancakes, parades, fish din- ners, arts & crafts, family events and more swamp South Haven every year from Thursday through Sunday to pay homage to a locally well-known superfruit.

Beer Tasting Festival Ludington August 20 (231) 845-0324

The annual beer tasting festival features local brewers and wineries as well as crafters from all over Michigan. Help sup- port United Way by sipping homebrewed beverages while listening to live music.

Grand Haven

Salmon Festival Grand Haven September 16-18 (800) 968-0894 grand-haven-salmon-festival-21

This festival celebrates the annual salmon migration with fishing contests, wine and beer tastings and much more. n


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