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Indian Voices • May 2011

Rev. Michael Carter, Sr. Announces 2011 Black Wall Street USA National Convention In Gary

In August of last year over 415 people attended the 2010 Black Wall Street USA National Convention held in Chicago. We expect a larger crowd this year in Gary. Why Gary? The historical signifi- cance is that Gary hosted the first Black Political Convention in 1971. The 2011 Black Wall Street USA National Convention is scheduled for October 21 - 23, 2011 at the Genesis Convention Center in Gary, Indiana. Registration is only $65 per person, which gives you access to all Convention Weekend Events. We did it before when our people claimed just 35 city blocks that made up the original Black Wall Street District of Tulsa Oklahoma, and now we clearly have the collective talent, resources, drive and responsibility to once again claim city blocks in majority Black communities and create new Black owned business, cultural and jobs dis- tricts across this country. In that effort we now have 22 work- ing and developing national chapters across the country and just we did in

Gary in 1971 we will make new Black economic and political history as a major Black movement returns to Gary, Indiana.

Last year at our national convention in Chicago, the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr of The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition was the kick-off speaker. We also had keynote presentations by the legendary Attorney Tom “TNT” Todd and the Rev. Al Sampson, both former national staff members to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Then we were pleased that the Rev. Al Sharpton publicly tabbed one of our Black Wall Street Chicago Board mem- bers Mark Allen as one of the national community organizers for his National Action Network’s “Measuring The Movement” 12 Month Action Plan and used the regular Black Wall Street Chicago Economic/Political quarterly meetings as ongoing measurements of this movement. We are pleased to be in operational unity with The Urban League,

Claiming Fraud in A.I.G. Bailout, Whistle- Blower Lawsuit Names Three Companies A California couple, Nancy and Derek

The first

Nancy and Derek Casady

known whistle- blower lawsuit to assert that the tax- payers were defrauded when the federal gov- ernment bailed out the American International Group was recently unsealed joining a number

of suits seeking to settle the score on losses related to the financial crisis of 2008.

Casady, are suing A.I.G., Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank over two federal loans.

The lawsuit, filed by a pair of veteran political activists from the La Jolla area of San Diego, asserts that A.I.G. and two large banks engaged in a variety of fraudulent and speculative transactions, running up losses well into the billions of dollars. Then the three institutions persuaded the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to bail them out by giving A.I.G. two rescue loans, which were used to unwind hundreds of failed trades.

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Rainbow/PUSH Coalition and other national participant organizations and leadership of The National Action Network’s National Action Plan. This Annual Black Wall Street National Convention in Gary, Indiana is uniquely qualified and positioned during October 21-23 to be a powerful measuring point of this movement and the 2012 reelec- tion of President Barack Obama. After the most recent successful National Action Network “Measuring The Movement” which included President Barack Obama and the part- nership of participation of The Obama Administration Cabinet and staff mem- bers, we were pleased to get a report from Maureen Forte, Executive Director of The Chicago National Action Network Chapter. Forte reported that Rev. Sharpton publicly stated his ongoing commitment to work with Black Wall Street USA and Black Wall Street Chicago leaders on the implementation of the 12 Month Action Plan. To continue to facilitate this ongoing

James Billie Continued from page 6

lar gambling businesses that have brought great wealth to the Seminoles and many other Native American tribes. Gambling in Florida generates gross

revenue of $2 billion a year, according to the Indian Gaming Industry Report, and most comes from the Seminoles’ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood and six other casinos in the state.

Billie, a charismatic but often contro-


operational unity on the 12 Month Action Plan, national chapter develop- ment and organizing for the National Convention in Gary Indiana, Black Wall Street USA will be opening a new national organizing and resource office in Chicago in May under the leadership of Mark Allen and his new role as National Chief of Staff and National Spokesperson for National Black Wall Street USA. Black Wall Street USA Midwest Regional Director is Ron Carter, Chairman of Black Wall Street-Chicago, and our Gary Indiana Black Wall Street District Chair is an up and coming young leader Ricky Sease and of course he will also be giving ongoing local updates on the historic updates. Stay tuned !!

The national president said, “This is an exciting time - register today to be apart of history.”

Black Wall Street District USA is a national organi- zation that represents 25 Black Wall Street District communities throughout the United States. Some cities Include Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Chicago- Regional (13 Districts including 47th Street in Bronzeville, E 75th Street, Madison Street, Stoney Island, Peoria, IL and Gary, ID and seven others), Houston, Minneapolis, Newark, Oakland, and Seattle, Washington. Black Wall Street District USA headquarters are in Oakland. For more informa- tion visit:

versial leader, attempted a political comeback in 2007, saying he had been unfairly ousted four years earlier. “In my heart, I’m still chief of the tribe. They stole it from me,” he said in announcing his candidacy.

But at the last minute his name was stricken from the ballot after officials ruled he did not meet the residency requirement.

Billie could not be reached for com- ment on Tuesday. The new officers will be sworn in on June 6, Bitner said.

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