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Indian Voices • May 2011


Stepping It Up for Your Health a car or a bus.”

Without medication, Sandra Gustafson is fight- ing to keep her osteoporo- sis at bay.

Danny Propp

“I’m working to increase my bone density without pills because they make me sick,” she says. “Why

have two things wrong with you when there’s really only one?” Her approach is walk- ing. She logs at least three miles a day. She has had the osteoporosis

diagnosis for several years and still main- tains her mobility, so keeping one foot in front of the other seems to be working for her. In fact, walking is effortless for Sandra, as she has enjoyed this form of exercise all her life. Her career was as a travel journalist; “Wherever my assignment took me, I walked. I found so many wonderful things that I wouldn’t have seen if I took

Sandra is one of the leaders of the “Shelter Island Walk and Talk Strollers,” affiliated with the local Walkabout International. The group meets at 10 a.m. each Thursday at the Bali Hai park- ing lot on Shelter Island and walk at “half-speed” around the flat Shelter Island for about two miles. This group is great for beginning walkers or those with health challenges. People can rest on benches along the way and rejoin the group on its way back to the parking lot. “It’s so social. You can walk and talk with different people and before you know it, the walk’s over. You’ve had fun, met new friends, had great views and exercised. Sandra is also one of AIS’s peer educators for our “Healthier Living program”, which helps people cope with chronic diseases. Sandra knows how it feels to struggle with a long-term health problem and how to make the best of it. Regular exercise such as walking is a key pre-

San Diego’s Children’s Coalition

The San Diego Children’s Coalition, launched in 2009 between various Kiwanis and Lions service clubs, is a new resource center to support children’s charities in San Diego County. It is made up of a network of organizations, busi- nesses, community leaders, service clubs, artists, event planners, musicians, and tal- ented individuals all volun- teering their time and effort to support children and their families in San Diego County. The Coalition’s vision is to inspire a new generation of leaders and ignite the passion for the Arts in our youth today and keep it alive for tomorrow. For info call Jeff at 619.806.5995.

Our website can be found at The Children’s Coalition is working

hard to become the “411/Google Search” for children’s issues and events, become

the vehicle through which our partner charities receive support, find volun- teers, and develop new and exciting ideas to recruit a new generation of donors, provide networking mixers, teen internship and after school education programs, recognition galas for the Arts and academic achieve- ments, and child safety and ID programs all will the help of hundreds of partner charities, businesses, and volunteers. For info call Jeff at 619.806.5995.

Upcoming events include a

Father’s Day Walk-A-Thon at the first ever Father’s Day Festival on Coronado June 18th, a children’s bike give away program with Wells Fargo, and a volun- teer opportunity for hundreds of volun- teers 16yrs and up with Vavi Sports at Del Mar Fairgrounds on June 21st. See our website for more details. For info call Jeff at 619.806.5995.


Gloria Lupe, Resident Manager

email Lakeside phone 619-443-5150 • fax 619-443-4573 TTY:711

12219 Roberts Way, Lakeside, CA 92040 Business Hours:

Monday - Friday 9am - 12pm 1pm - 3:30. pm

“Anpetu wast’e wagi yuha po” which means in Lakota “Have a good day”.

scription, as far as she’s concerned. “I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t walk,” she says. “And it allows me to eat that blueberry muffin and not feel guilty.”

This year’s Vital Aging conference will focus on the value of walking. Subtitled “Keeping in Step with Your Health,” the event will include health and fitness exhibitors and talks, guided walks by Walkabout International volunteers, plus a free healthy lunch. The event will be geared to accommodate different fitness levels. Vital Aging will be held from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Friday, June 3, at the McMillin Center in Liberty Station. Don’t forget to join us for our Healthy Lifestyle Luncheon ALWAYS held the 2nd Friday of each month. Great Entertainment and guest speakers. For more information or to RSVP call 619.226.1324 or or email:

Article courtesy of: PAMELA B. SMITH

We Draw the Line Continued from page 2

person has one vote, and that each vote carries the same weight. Districts are cre- ated by drawing lines that safeguard the communities that live within them and ensure that communities can elect repre- sentatives of their choice that are respon- sive to their needs. The outcome of redis- tricting has a daily affect on individual communities from how much funding their schools and hospitals receive to tax rates, infrastructure or transportation needs of an area. The impact of redistricting lasts for at least 10 years until districts are recreated after a new national census is completed. “For the first time every community has the power to provide direct input that will become the backbone of shaping how their community will be represented over the next decade” stated Ward. “The Citizens Redistricting Commission is going to great lengths to gather and implement public input into the political landscape of California. I encourage everyone to get involved.”


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