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MULTI-CULTURAL NEWS GLOBAL NETWORK American Travel Chiefs Confident Tribal Tourism Turns Economic Corner by Sara Macefield

With up to $200 million in marketing funds burning a hole in their pockets, American travel chiefs are confident of turning a good 2010 into a fantastic 2011.

The US tourism industry is back with a bang as rising arrivals and a surge in marketing funds promise to make it one of the most popular destinations on the planet. Last year proved a crucial turning point in the country’s recovery as tourists flocked to the land of Uncle Sam in greater numbers.

This year marks the launch of a new tourism promotional fund that will channel huge sums into promoting “Destina- tion USA” to the world. US Travel Associa- tion president and chief executive Roger Dow claimed the fund-

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Hermina Krista Pettiford

ing of up to $200 million will propel the country into what he termed the “top league”. Overseas arrivals rose two per cent in 2010 to reach a total of 25.7 mil- lion.

“I think we are going to be up about 2.5 per cent this year, with spend rising by up to six per cent,” said Dow. “The wild card is what is going on in the Middle East and the price of oil.” Last year, the German market

increased nearly three per cent to 1.7 million, and Dow predicted that it will hit 1.85 million in 2011. However, eco- nomic woes in the UK took their toll, reducing the number of British visitors by 200,000 to 3.7 million. But the UK is a rare black spot in an

otherwise optimistic picture for USA tourism. American exhibitors said the mood at this year’s ITB is more buoyant

than ever. “There is a lot of enthusiasm and optimism. People are feeling bull- ish,” said Christopher Heywood, NYC & Company vice-president of public rela- tions.

Having attracted 48.7 million visitors

last year, New York hopes to hit 50 million in 2012, but it may be beaten by Orlando. The Florida theme park capital is confident of becoming the first US destina- tion to welcome 50 million visi- tors in a single year, helped by

Surrendered Balance for Sycuan Tribal Government IT Manager

by Dennis Moore Hermina

Krista Pettiford is a new author. Her book enti- tled “Surrendered Balance: Daily Living for the Modern Christian Woman” (avail- able at and as well as Barnes

& Noble) address the realities of life for modern women from all walks of life, married or single, with or without chil- dren. The key to making a busy lifestyle work in a modern world is balance. This is something she knows a lot about. As a working mother of four children (two who are members of the Sycuan tribe), she balances a career working as the Tribal IT Network Manager for the

Sycuan Tribal Government with raising her children, writing, and ministry at her local church, New Covenant Tabernacle. She also is a member of the San Diego Christian Writers’ Guild. Pettiford has an interesting connec- tion to the Kumeyaay Nation. That bal- ance that Pettiford refers to extends to her son Michael’s involvement and par- ticipation as “Head Young Man” in Kumeyaay tribal ceremonies (2006 pow- wow). He was only head young man at the 2006 event. In this role he opens up the ceremony on each opening day and he walks with the head-staff at all the ceremoni- al events, the staff that is selected each year to lead the powwow and dance, song, and game tradi- tions. I’m sure this makes Pettiford one proud mother, with her son resplendent in Kumeyaay regalia.

Balancing Family Life

Bud Johnston Ojibewa Pipe Carrier (above) www.pipekeep- is actively engaged in Tribal Tourism. He attends many Tourist /Travel trade shows and networks closely with Everett Osceola, Seminole (left)

the magical draw of a Harry Potter attraction at the Universal theme park, which opened in 2010.

MAY 2011

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