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Heritage Gazette of the Trent Valley Volume 12, 1 * May * 2007 father’s death in 1921 on October 1, 1922. They

relocated to Toronto where their first child Catherine Patricia was born, but eventually moved on to Detroit. Richard worked in management in the auto industry there and they had one more child Michael Kelly O’Brien born 1925 and died in Detroit in 2000.

George Patrick Kelly; never married and remained

in Peterborough running the family store up to about 1941, maintaining his close ties with his Barry cousins in Hastings. He was a member of Immaculate Conception Parish and died in Marycrest Nursing home on Rogers Street on March 5 1955. He is Peter’s Cemetery.

James Patrick Joseph Kelly and Harriet Catherine Curran

(3rd Generation) One of the middle children born to John2 Kelly and

his wife Catherine Barry was James Patrick Joseph, who as previously discussed, was born in Peterborough on October 9, 1875.

Although he was mainly raised on

Sherbrooke Street, while in his mid teens he would have lived in the Superintendents house at Little lake Cemetery for a brief period in the late 1880s, when his father John was Superintendent there. He obtained his common school education15

Catholic Boys at the corner of Aylmer and Murray Street (the present site of the Peterborough Armory)

8 8

also buried at Saint his aunt Margaret (Barry) Ryan at 223 Plymouth Aven ue.

There, he worked as a rail-road clerk (probably the Buffalo Transit company) for about three years to about 1900. At this point, his career completely changed, when he accepted a position as a commercial sales representative with the Columbia Gramophone Company, in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

St. Peters Church Records @ Trent Valley Archives Reel # 5

at the Murray Street School for and

probably went on to obtain further secondary school education at the Peterborough Collegiate and Vocational School. He was locally

Murray Street School, b


rough Peter

known as Jim, but ring his

du t y Street, he also shared

een ears

was better known for his keen interest in sports, as well as for his athletic prowess. Later, as a teenager, growing up at 257 Rubidge


responsibilities of operating the newly established family store at the corner of Sherbrooke and Rubidge Streets with his older siblings.

where he probably worked as a clerk rriet J However, in 1893 at age

eighteen, he went to work for the Canadian General Electric Company16

or office worker associated with the manufacturing of electric street cars, which was their primary business during this period. Jim remained with CGE for about three years to about 1895 or 1896, when following in his older brother Michael’s footsteps (who had moved to Buffalo a few years earlier, as a printer) Jim too sought the bright lights of a lager city. So, in 1897 at age twenty-two, Jim also moved to Buffalo, where although he had relatives on both sides of the family, he lived with

15 Common School typically went to Grade-10. 16 Formerly the Canadian Edison Company, but became Canadian General Electric in 1892.

October 27, 1875; I the undersigned priest baptized PATRICK JAMES of

the lawful marriage of John Kelly and Catherine Barry. Sponsors Marcellus McDonald and Mary McDonald.

Jim with his athletic good looks, his outgoing

personality and taste for good clothes, succeeded in his career and soon established a comfortable life style in Pittsburgh. He eventually met and later married Harriet Catherine Curran, the daughter of William (Billy) Curran and Elizabeth Eckhart. Billy Curran was the son of an early 1800’s Irish immigrant from Belfast Ireland to West Virginia and as a young man originally worked in the coal mines of West Virginia. He later moved his family to Lancaster County Pennsylvania, where he owned and operated a very successful hotel and bar operation. Jim and Harriet were married on August 20, 1907


Pittsburgh, just shortly after the death of Harriet’s father, Billy, who apparently died following a beating during a botched robbery attempt; he had been on his way home from work.

Jim and Harr iet had five children as follows:

Ha oan born 1908 (became known as “Jay,” James born 1910, Eugene Curran born 1912 (became known as Gene). Louise born 1915 and Frederick born 1917 (became known as Fred).

10 AM December 23 1913.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Donoghue Rubidge & Sherbrooke St. Peterborough Ontario Canada

This was taken early in summer but forgot about th They had been playing and they sure look like it.


Jim said what's the difference. More later!


hockey, is said to have held differing expectations for the Jim with his keen interest in sports, especially


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