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“We have all of these pavements now that we can show customers,” Rabine says. “They can touch and feel them and understand what they look like. Our goal is to give our client partners the best tools, allowing them the ability to always make the best economic decision.” They also will be doing a test space on their roof for Roofing Solutions, a new roofing business they started a few years ago. “We are ripping off the roof of this building in a month or so. Now our roofing facility man- agers will be able go to the fifth floor, walk out onto the roof, and see all types of roof sections… The roof will have about ten different roof sections, including solar panels, a landscape section, reflective roofs, and single- ply, double-ply, Firestone, all of the different brands in roofing on the roof,” Rabine says. Being the first LEED certified building in Schaumburg, a city of 75,000 people, the Rabine Group’s corporate headquarters will also attract folks interested in green solutions. “We will have facilities owners and managers from all over the country that will be able to come in and see what we did to be LEED certified and how we retrofitted the building to do it. And then also, they can see all of these different roofs and pavements, environ-

mentally-friendly solutions as well as conventional pavements and roofs.”

Milling Asphalt

And this is not just a static test space or showroom. “When something new in roofing that is proven and that works well, we will rip off a section of roof and put that on,” Rabine says. “The same thing is true on the paving side. We are testing things now in paving that are not even on our parking lot. There are some other cool things that are coming down the pike and when we prove them out, we will put those on the parking lot as well.”

The goal is to make the Rabine Group building not only a place to meet and do business, but a place to see inno- vations within several industries, with pavement being the focus. “We would like clients from all over the coun- try to come to our offices. Beginning soon we will be scheduling a steady flow of Lunch & Learns, half day and full day Seminars at the Rabine Academy of Pave- ments and Roofs. We want to be the innovators but also the educators in this industry as well,” Rabine says. And with the new location and test areas/showrooms, the Rabine Group will be able to do just that.

Tim Segovia,

No Fault Asphalt in Mountain View CA:

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June 2011

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