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and provide a solution that best suits our client’s needs and offers the best return on their investment. We en- deavor to install a product that is functional, enduring, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally responsible and provides a sound long term solution….We strive to en- sure our client’s satisfaction with every aspect of our work, relationship, product, and price.” And the way he does that? Is not only with the integrity his company provides but also the range of services he can offer.

“What I explain to people is I can do anything the big guys can do. We are just doing them one at a time, instead of five at a time. But we can also take care of their needs on the small projects the big guys do not want to handle. For example, I keep a small infrared crew that also does pothole patching and things like that for me. The com- pany that can put a half-million dollar parking lot in for you typically does not what to handle that. So I sell myself to general contractors and others as true full-service be- cause I will take care of the small things that another con- tractor would say, ‘That is too small for me. You will have to find somebody else.’”

In this economy, being able to do all parts of a project has helped Myers win contracts. “What has enabled us to

keep our heads above water is to have multiple legs of the stool to stand on, so to speak. We are multifaceted. We do not have to be out on a big project to keep all of my payments paid. I can do smaller projects and keep every- thing going.” Diversification is key.

That is one reason that B & C Blacktop & Sealcoating is an industry leader in the Columbus area. The company has active in the local Better Business Bureau, the Colum- bus Apartment Association, the local BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association), the Worthington Chamber of Commerce, and the local IREM (Investment Real Estate Managers) chapter.

Knowing the industry’s needs in his region has been a major factor in Myers marketing of B & C Blacktop & Sealcoating. The majority of their business comes from word of mouth, from their long history of being in busi- ness in the area. But Myers understands that some adver- tising is necessary to reach new customers. “We do the Yellow Pages, but I am on the verge of eliminating that,” he says. “In the last two years, we have gotten very serious about our online marketing. We do a lot of Google Ana- lytics and pay-per-click campaigns, making sure all of our words are on the top of the search engine when someone

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