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advertisement feature West Point Media’s Wayfi nder

The Intelligent Information Point Solution In this technology-driven world, it is hard to deny the fact that whether it is a shopping centre or airport; consumers don’t expect to have to ask the way!

People are now familiar with being guided through our public spaces by the latest interactive signage and/ or information point technology. The challenge for providers of such signage systems is how to balance these lofty expectations against the fi nancial constraints of the current climate, while staying one step ahead of technology. The challenge for site owners is a versatile system that is accurate, reliable and is in sync with the wider estate requirements. The days of tired paper posters are over – now the expectation is for instant update and accuracy.

West Point Media (WPM) was

established to introduce new technologies into the digital arena – in particular wayfi nding and digital screen networks. The company has a successful history of operating within the retail, travel and shopping centre media environment. One of WPM’s key products is the intelligent Wayfi nder, of value in any prime public space.

The Wayfi nder

provides an engaging, touch- based, easily maintainable, yet feature rich,

information and promotional solution, off ering visitors a window into the centre. The intuitive design caters for both public information and retail promotion at once, plus gives the centre a platform to display their own marketing message.

broadcasting - all of which can be channelled towards revenue generation in support of the installation, if required.

The Wayfi nder can be tailored to individual requirements, for example, be themed to match centre branding or seasonal marketing. It is multi-lingual and if required, can be managed remotely by our team.

WPM can also

incorporate location- based footfall counting technology which provides invaluable reporting and metrics for use by centre management.

The Wayfi nder can be confi gured

to be a simple stand-alone touch and slide map or it is able to fulfi l much wider requirements, such as store and brand locator. It can even facilitate the promotion of new tenants or Apps for the centre, brands and stores.

The Wayfi nder is displayed in three sections:

• Map – An engaging, touch and slide digital map with features such as zoom and key service location guide • Interactive Directory – Store, brand and services search function with route planning and proximity fi lters • Promotional Opportunities – Inbuilt contextual advertising panel providing internal promotion and external advertising opportunities

It is a versatile system that can

adopt tenant advertising and cross- promotional activity, in conjunction with loyalty cards and events, through to live feeds and Bluetooth®

WPM off ers a fl exible all-in-one digital solution. The intelligent Wayfi nder touch-screen in its various forms, delivers the most eff ective user-friendly experience on the market today.

For as long as there has been

in-centre advertising, its deployment has been linked with wayfi nding. Now WPM’s digital touch and slide Wayfi nder takes it a whole generation further.

For a comprehensive overview of the

Wayfi nder and other digital signage solutions, please visit our website: for more details or call our offi ce on: 01604 586443.

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