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Ultrarunning News I’VE GOT A LITTLE LIST

In the early 1980’s I looked forward to Malcolm Campbell’s annual I’VE GOT A LITTLE LIST. To quote Malcolm “Here’s the way it works. The list is an attempt to record the ten best performances of the year. A runner has only one place on the list and this is for one specific performance. I always stress that this list is a reflection of my own opinions and whilst I naturally respect the views of many others I am rather inclined to agree with Oscar Wilde who said “I dislike arguments of any kind. They are always vulgar, and often convincing”. On the same theme I warm towards the Earl of Mansfield who suggested, “Give your decisions, never your reasons; your decisions may be right, your reasons are sure to be wrong”. Right or wrong this gives me an opportunity to reflect upon some great achievements of xxxx. They were:”

So if I may be so bold I thought it would be a good idea to resurrect this theme, but with a slight change, in that I will base the list on more than one performance, and for 2010 “They were:”


Her great performances started early, when in January, at the Helsinki Indoor 24 Hour, and with guidance from the famous Fin Seppo Leinonen her crew chief, she set a World Indoor 24 Hour Best of 241.426km.

Then in May she not only won the “des 48 hours pedestres de Surgeres”, but set a new World 48 Hour Track Best of 397.103km, and with better crewing from her Japanese team, she surely would have broken 400km


SHINGO INOUE (JPN) The World 24 Hour Championships were held in Brive, France, and in the men’s race a great battle between Shingo and Scott Jurek, saw the Japanese athlete come out on top. But to win his deserved gold medal be had to record the best 24 hour distance of the year with 273.705km.

Rarely do Championships combine both great performances and distances, but Shingo managed both.

Sumie Inagaki Shingo Inoue

Sumie Inagaki

3 RYOICHI SEKIYO (JPN) Although not competing at the World 24 Hour Championships, he won the 24 Hour event at the Athens Ultra Festival with 250.368km in April. Then he went on to win the Surgeres 48 Hour with 407.066km, and rounded off the year by winning the Soochow 24 Hour in 268.126km, the second best 24 hour distance of the year.


SCOTT JUREK (USA) This great American Ultra athlete is world famous for all his off road performances, and wonderful victories at Sparthalon and Badwater, but could he deliver over the more traditional 24 Road Race and especially at a World Championship, round and round a small circuit.

Although he had to settle for silver, his new USA best of 266.677km provided the clear answer.

6 Ultrarunning World | February/March 2011

Ryoichi Sekiyo Scott Jurek

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