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part I was most of all angry w. myself that I hadn’t stopped and made sure it got safely across the tarmac. So: the gps was put at “pause”, a marker put at the road and I got in the support car to drive back to lift it out of harms way (Else I NEVER get in the car from start to finish for whatever reason). But this animal was helpless w. the heavy trucks coming every few minutes !!

- He was gone. Either driven over or ‘sprinted’ across the road. An intense argument followed before I resumed the run where I had left it: Shall we leave nature to itself or try to prevent disaster, small or big, if we can? A dilemma. But sometimes one feels inside beyond any doubt what is right to do.. Later comes the doubts, reasons; excuses for our comfort!

Btw: Just noticed that the 50 000km running barrier has been broken. Wr 1: 26 232km, wr 2: 23 879 = 50 111km :-)

But what does it all matter if I can’t help 1 turtle across the road? Be KIND at each chance you get ! Jesper Olsen

Tony Mangan, on his way around the world, is currently crossing Nevada in the US. Fascinating day by day adven- tures on his blog reveal another side of America and a reminder of how amazing and incredibly rich life is.

Also making the huge crossing of the United States is Dennis Yang who is helping promote literacy for kids. He is raising money for the Papa Didos Ideals Foundation. Dennis started his journey on Feb. 10, 2011 at Long Beach, CA. and will end in Coney Island, NY. You can follow Dennis at

Dean Karnazes has teamed up with a popular US tv show that is supporting and publicizing his run across the US and are about three weeks into the project that is bringing the spirit of running to a lot of people.

An exciting new project will be taking place in April as Kevin Lin and friends undertake to run the Silk Road. Running The Silk Road is organised by The Home Expedition (THE) is an institute devoted to promoting a sustainable earth, long term solutions for deprived peoples/regions and a sense of responsi- bility among privileged groups by means

of expeditions throughout the world. THE hopes to inspire everyone into tak- ing action.

This is one of the most significant Asian running events this year raising awareness of the water well crisis along the route. A team has been formed to crew for the runners on their 10,000 km journey. Although the only physiotherapist, Dr Stephen McNally (Ireland) currently working in Kent will be part of a team of world wide experts that will assist the runners while they run approximately 70 Km per day for 150 days along the famous Silk Road.

Nobody has previously run the Silk Road and part of this expedition will not only raise awareness for the well-water crisis but will be life changing for all involved.

The expedition commences on April 20th and runs until September 17th, from Istanbul to China. For more information visit

The 4Deserts Atacama Crossing which began on March 6th

in Chile is a 6 day

stage race covering approximately 250 km. Anders Jensen (below) from Denmark won for the second year in a row and Nahila Hernandez San Juan won the womens division. There were 87 finishers.

“I need 500,000 volunteers to build a pyramid for a dead King. Long hours, no wages, sleep on the ground. Can you get them for me son? Can do! Can do!”

The Fugs

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