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Issue: 5 February/March 2011 News

I Have A Little List Alan Young

1000km In 28 Days Across 4 Deserts

Lucy Rivers Bulkeley

The Druid Challenge Richard Meade

La Transtica Frederick Davis III , New York 2011 Self-Transcendence

Progress is self-transcendence and self-transcendence is undoubtedly true perfection according to me, perfection is self- transcendence, perfection is constant progress which is always transcending itself. Otherwise, if I say that this is perfection, you will say no, something else is perfection. So there will be no end to our dispute. My perfection need not be your perfection, but my self-transcendence will always give me satisfaction and your self-transcendence will always give you satisfaction. Where there is continuous satisfaction, glowing satisfaction, illumining satisfaction, we have to know that that is perfection. Perfection is in the satisfaction that glows and grows inside our hearts.

Sri Chinmoy In The Next Issue

A major theme in the next issue of Ultrarunning World will be solo runs - Journeys across Wales, Canada and a project along the Silk Road will accompany articles on events nearer to the UK.

News of recent publications and new races as well as a look at some of the major events in the Ultrarunning calendar will mean a bigger issue for April May.

If you would like to contribute news, articles or photos of ultrarunning events please send email to the adress below. If you would like to promote your events or products related to ultrarunning, very reasonable rates apply and at the same time you will be helping to finance a better production plus the possibility of a reasonably priced print version.

Email the editor at: Photo by Prabhakar Bernard Marchal

Spartathlon Don Winkley

Ultramarathon Calendar

elcome to the February/March 2011 edition of Ultrarunning World. This issue I am very grateful to be able to share personal experiences from some wonderful ultrarunners.


I would like to thank the contributors to this issue for their kind permission to use the material included here. Without material and generosity such as this, the magazine wouldn’t exist.

Alan Young, athlete/manager/handler extrordinaire, has been extremely kind in giving me permission to use his photos again. Alan helps several runners and gets to see a lot of races around Europe and has a website:

Thanks are due to Richard Meade for his story about the Druid Challenge and to the RD Neil Thubron for his support.

I am very grateful to Lucy Rivers Bulkeley for writing her article for me. She is a courageous and very impressive woman. I look forward to hearing more of her running adventures.

Race director Bernard Marchal is helping hundreds of children through his solidarity work in Costa Rica as well as providing a running challenge in a beautiful part of the world.

Don Winkley runs all the time long or short, a man who is crossing the races off his bucket list. I love listening to Don’s stories and I am grateful he lets me use his writings in this publication

Many thanks to Prabhakar and Alakananda for their photos.

Abichal Sherrington Cover photo by Alan Young: 28 31 12 23

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