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Race Reports

On the Adventure, Bernie Sandoval in 2h19 took 1mn to Antony Didion (FR) in 2h20 and was now 1st on the scratch. We slept in the classrooms of the school of San Pablo and during the meal a donation of school kits was organized.

November 24th: Rafting

Adrenaline was guaranteed today during the rafting on the Pacuare River with rapids class III to IV! We embarked on rafts of 6 with a coxswain guide, who explained the safety instructions and the 4 basic moves: Forward, backward, hold the strings, and protect ourselves in the boat ... He also explained the attitude to have if we fell into the water.

The scenery while rafting was simply unique - impressive waterfalls, lush tropical vegetation and the power of the water transported us into a fantastic and magical world.

November 25th: Stage 5 Playa Negro – Manzanillo

After breakfast another donation of books (financed by the 1st Challenge Technip Humania) and of a laptop (Thales Alenia Space) for the library of the community of El Yüe who lodged us.

The day before, in the evening, the container of 1.300 kg of school stationeries shipped from France, was delivered. After the moments of emotion shared with certain competitors during the unloading of the container at the end of the evening, Sylvain, Max and Elena spent the day sorting and preparing the donations of the evening for the schools of Panama.

The runners joined Playa Negro at 4 km, for the last stage of the race.

First withdrawal, on medical advice; everybody was sad for Eric Martinez who would not be able to make it.

The sun was shining and even before starting running, we were suffering from the heavy heat.

The departure was given at 8h38 on the beach, and everybody realized immediately how difficult the day was going to be, as it was necessary to make a considerable effort for each stride.

The first kilometers were really hard, February/March 2011 | Ultrarunning World 27 Ultra Trail La Transtica

November 23rd to December 3rd 2011

trying to find the best path on a beach, cut by a refreshing river crossing.

At the 9 km point, the first check-point and 4 km of macadam before going back on the beach, another river to cross, a few more kilometers on the beach until PC3 in Manzanillo before starting a last loop of 3.3 km for the Adventures and 11.6 km for the Extremes in the muddy jungle around Manzanillo, marshy part, sticky mud up to the knees … then back to the beach of Manzanillo, to finally reach the finish line…

Last moment of emotion for the organizers and runners who waited and encouraged all the runners until the last of them crossed the finish line.

In the evening, the French ambassador, invited us for dinner, where the awards ceremony took place, as well as a last donation for schools of communities living in Panama.

Vincent Rivoire (FR) finished 1st on the Extreme race, covering the 196 km and 6,855m of positive difference in level in 20h00 in front of Roini Villegas (CR) in 20h27and Christophe Traina (BEL) in 20h42.

The 1st woman, Isabelle Moes 5BEL) finished 14th in 29h58 in front of Naiti Del Sante (SWE), 18th in 32h41.

Bernie Sandoval (CR) finished 1st in the Adventure race, covering the 116 km and the 3,950 m of positive difference in level in 12h11’19’’, 53 seconds in front of Anthony Didion (FR) in 12h12’12’’ and David Loutzenheiser (USA) in 12h49.

The 1st women Francoise Leroi (FR) finished 10th in 14h33 in front of Odile Lejosne (FR), 18th in 15h27 and Dominique Garcia (FR), 20th in 14h36, the last runners finishing in 19h00.


The 48 runners entered in La Transtica 2010 discovered, through the stages

proposed, a varied course which brought them from the Pacific coast to the Caribbean coast.

They were faced with numerous changes of weather conditions, often rainy, alternating heavy and moist heat of the plains, refreshing tropical rains, wind and icy rain of the high forests. They were involved in the solidarity aspect of La Transtica through the various donations, lots of emotional moments that we shared together. They were welcomed, lodged and celebrated by the local communities, sharing time and privileged to meet the lifestyle of different communities living in Costa Rica.

The 2010 organization, building on the experience of previous editions, has been particularly effective, responsive and allowed all riders to fully live this adventure within conviviality and in full safety.

Our objective “The discovery of a country and its way of life through a sporting event with humanitarian goals” was largely achieved, at the price of the enormous and effective work of each member of the organization.

The group of the 48 runners of 7 different nations was also largely involved, each one bringing their own touch, carrying out their challenge and thus contributing to the total success of this Transtica 2010.

The good and friendly feedback which we received, during and after the race, gave us the daily motivation and energy necessary to build this success.

We, the 80 runners and organizers were happy to have had the privilege of sharing this huge edition of La Transtica.

La Transtica 2011 will be held from November 23rd, 2011 to December 3rd, 2011 and will be limited to 60 participants.

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