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Race Reports

of coffee-trees to reach PC 3, which was the finish line for the adventure race.

For the Extreme runners another slope before the last long and interminable 11 km descent, to reach the arrival at El Humo…

Providing an exceptional effort, in the last descent, Roini Villegas (CR) filled the gap he had on PC 3 and crossed the finishing line 1st

, covering the 42,1 km

of the day in 4h06, 1min before Vincent Rivoire (FR) in 4:07 and more than 30 minutes on the other runners, ensuring 2nd

place on the scratch.

In the adventure race, Bernie Sandoval in 2h25 took 11min off Antony Didion (FR) in 2h36 and was now 1min below Antony Didion, still leader on the scratch.

La Transtica 2010 & Solidarity

During La Transtica 2010, and for the third consecutive year, El Niño has been able to complete a large number of solidarity actions in Costa Rica and far exceeded its original goals.

In addition to the school supplies (worth € 10 000) carried by sea to Costa Rica were added over 11 000 Euros spent locally to buy school and educational books, additional school supplies and materials to cover the school playground in La Esperanza.

In continuation of our work in 2009 and based on the needs identified by Elena Arias, we were able to perform throughout La Transtica 2010 many donations.

We have been able to distribute to a dozen communities, 6 laptops, an electrocardiogram, 182 school kits, 1,400 kg of school supplies (over 1,500 books, 1,000 reams of paper), materials for the rehabilitation of the school of La Esperanza.

In total 850 children were helped through this donation through the support and the contribution of the Companies Technip, Thales Alenia Space and Monoprix.

This latest donation closes Transtica 2010 which has been outstanding, both athletically and in humanitarian terms.

November 22nd: Stage 3: Esperanza - Kiri Lodge - El Humo

The first difficulty of the day was to get dressed, because of our cold and wet clothes…

Right before the departure, we were warmed by the songs of the children of the school to which we had just given the school kits as well as materials for the restoration of the dilapidated buildings of this school.

The profile of this stage looked easier, but did not reflect the difficulties that we had to face. During the briefing, the organization warned us that it would be necessary to manage de-escalation on a single track full of traps: mud, roots, thorny vegetation, and steep slopes.

We started with a steep climbing slope of 3 km, to reach 2,850 m, before facing a first downward portion, then in the 6th

We were lodged cordially by the villagers: smiles, good meal and local dances afterward. We went to sleep relatively early because the next day was a night stage, the alarm clocks were programmed for 2:30 AM for a departure at 3:45 AM…

November 23rd: Stage 4: El Humo - San Pablo

3:45 AM, everybody looked tired whilst we were leaving - a short walk to the real departure which was at the exit of the village. The pace was good, first slope, a muddy descent followed a little road section to join the PC1. A few kilometers later, three Adventure runners were leading the race in the heavy night, fighting for first place on the scratch.

km, we entered the famous single track, the vegetation changed, we were penetrating to the real heart of the “Tapanti”, and to add more pain, it started to rain. The slopes were very steep, the ground was an extremely slippery spread of mud and roots, and it was necessary to be very careful before clinging to the branches because some were strewn with spines….

Down again to a river crossing secured by a rope before a small but heavy rise through the jungle… really hard… Another descent, through the plantations

26 Ultrarunning World | February/March 2011

It was on the beginning of a slope towards the top of the Cerro Atirro, through a sugar cane plantation, that the sun rose, revealing a sublime campaign. Arriving in Pueblo Nuevo, we crossed a suspended bridge before starting a long slope towards the village of El Silencio, PC3, km 23,7 and finish for the Adventurers… It started to rain once again, a last pass for the Extremes, before going down to the village of Pacayitas, to the PC4, then the last 9.5 km up and down to reach El Humo.

Vincent Rivoire (FR) managed this 4th stage, covering the 41.2 km in 4h04 taking another 10 minutes to Roini Villegas (CR) in 4h14 and 23 minutes to Richard Finot and Christophe Traina in 4h27.

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