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Race Reports

A small group formed at the head of the race with Vincent, Roini and Richard The course followed tracks along plantations of palm trees, long interminable straight lines under a white sun, the heat was suffocating, the organisms suffering terribly and the gaps started to widen. The part which followed became more undulating with the first ascents and gradually brought us into the tropical jungle.

The Adventure departure was at the PC2, at 10:21, for 19 km and 1,375 m of

positive altitude gain. The serious things started, with a slope of 1,600 meters. The weather was changing quickly and the rain made its appearance, refreshing the organisms. The rain intensified and the end of the course alternated with soft and severe slopes.

Vincent Rivoire (France) won the Extreme stage in 4h05, followed by Roini Villegas (CR) in 4h14 and by Christophe Traina (BEL) in 4:39, the 1st woman, Isabelle Moes, finishing in 5h39.

In the Adventure race, the gaps were tightened, Anthony Didion was 1st in 2h34, in front of David Loutzenheiser (USA) in 2h37 and Bernie Sandoval (CR) in 2h42, the 1st woman, Francoise Leroi, finishing in 3h02.

In Rancho Guayabal, our camp in Santa Maria de Dota, a fire and a good soup welcomed us. It was true that the transition with the Hotel from the day before was huge!

November 21st: Stage 2: Santa Maria de Dota - Ojo de Agua

The Extremes started at 8 a.m., from the village of Santa Maria de Dota for the stage considered to be most difficult considering its impressive 2,720 m of positive difference in level and 1,310 m of negative difference in level.

As a starter, a first 15 % slope makes the difference, Vincent is testing Roini all along the 15 km covered to reach the first pass and the PC 2 from where, at 9:40, the start of the Adventure race took place.

An interminable descent to the village of Providencia, to arrive at the PC 3, before tackling the last difficulty of the day: 12 km and 1,140 m of positive difference in climb which brought all the runners to the altitude of 2,950 meters.

The rain made its appearance, the more we climbed the more the weather became colder, and the more the rain and the wind intensified, the air rarefied…

The competitors were quickly transferred on their arrival to the village of

Esperanza, our bivouac place for the night.

Vincent Rivoire won the stage on the Extreme course in 4h47 and increased the gap with Roini Villegas (CR) in 4h56 and Christophe Traina (BEL) in 5h23.

On the Adventure course, Bernie Sandoval (CR) in 2h25 took again 1 min to Antony Didion (FR) in 2h26 and David Loutzenheiser (USA) in 2h29.

After a collation and a hot soup, a donation of 40 school kits was made to the school of Purisil. The dinner was prepared by the local community. The weather was cold and wet, it was very difficult to be dry and to dry our clothes.

February/March 2011 | Ultrarunning World 25

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