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$300,000 worth of cameras and since then growth has rocketed.

In its maiden year Cuddeback sold

Seeing a deer this close without the aid of a camera is ‘almost’ impossible.

that he was able to raise $150,000, quit his day job and use the money to buy a small building and an injection- moulding tool that would make the DeerCam a better product. In his maiden year he sold $300,000 worth of cameras and, as the scouting aids became more acceptable, growth rocketed. Since then, many scouting-camera companies have come and gone while Cuddeback – a name given to the brand when it went digital in 2003 – has continued to go from strength to strength. He has also had to cope with a tidal wave of copycat companies and a large organisation threatening to close him down if he didn’t sell out to them for half the price his business was worth! Mark revealed: “We didn’t

sell out and, while we still design our own cameras in America, the competitor who tried to buy us out imports


low-performance, foreign- designed cameras from a fi rm that keeps asking us to import the same model. But there’s a very good reason that we have survived when some of our rivals are no longer in business – we will not sell inferior products or someone else’s camera. We design our cameras to meet our performances. “We are proud of our fast

trigger speed because it is a mandatory requirement for a scouting camera. It still amazes me that some people will accept a camera that misses deer because of a slow trigger speed – that’s like buying a gun that only fi res now and then!” T e future of the company

looks brighter than ever thanks to its latest model called Attack, which is not only eye-catching but has incredible performance with a trigger speed under a quarter of a second to record virtually everything it detects while delivering excellent quality

with clear and sharp infrared images. T e Genius Mount System allows it to be placed on anything from 1in-diameter saplings to huge trees and there’s also a Genius Post Mount if there’s nothing natural to hand. All the products are

thoroughly fi eld tested by Mark, who spends around 60 days a year putting everything through its paces along with managing his own property for white- tailed deer. Mark added: “It’s interesting

how a product that was laughed at in 1989 is now not only a mainstream hunting product but one which has expanded into photography, surveillance and research. It seems all North American gun and bow hunters use cameras for deer, bears, elk, turkeys and other big game animals. I even use mine for trapping, helping me fi nd the funnels and travel paths of raccoons, coyotes, foxes and fi shers. Scientists worldwide use

our cameras to study endangered species while searching for new ones. Home owners employ Cuddebacks to keep watch on their property and a lot of people use them to take pictures of nature just for fun – that makes me very proud. “People are always asking

what’s next on the production line but we are not interested in chasing gimmicks and trends. We just constantly look to improve the fundamentals by achieving better performance, longer battery life and faster trigger speed. People use scouting cameras to take pictures of animals and that’s what we do – better than anyone else.”


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