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read indicate that there are only five or six in the world. I saw one for sale once and it went for well over $2,000. Needless to say, I dont have any of these three in my col- lection, although I do have Xeroxes of the movie scripts and I have a copy of the Film- land Classics reprint of the Graves sticker issue. (And I do have all three of the sup- posedly rarest issues I mentioned at the beginning!) MMW: What 3 Warren merchandise items are the toughest to find? HORNE: This ones harder to answer, be- cause a LOT of the merchandise is tough to find now. There are certain things that are regularly available on eBay, such as posters, fan club buttons, the Draculas soil pendant, and so on, but there are many things that you may never see again, too. In the very early days of Famous Mon- sters, they sold a glossy black and white print of the guy on the cover of FM #2 in the werewolf mask, who everyone knows now was James Warren himself. Ive seen one of these for sale, that someone found among the office leftovers when the com- pany folded, but have never seen any oth- ers. Another would be the Pilgrim monster briefs that came out in the mid-1970s. Ive seen the matching T-shirts for sale a cou- ple of times, and even have two of them, but Ive never seen the briefs for sale. (Im not sure Id want one, if it was used!) A third rare item would be the limited-production poster of art by Felix Mas that was repro- duced from an early issue of Vampirella. Ive never seen that available for sale, ei- ther. Those are three, but there are plenty of other things, too, that are pretty tricky to locate. MMW: If you had to choose only one War- ren publication and one Warren merchan- dise item to pry out of your cold, dead fin- gers, which two would it be?

1.1. February

HORNE: Well, I have some emotional at- tachment to that FM 44 mentioned ear- lier, because I think of it as the first. In the years since, Ive managed to get it au- tographed by both Forrest Ackerman and James Warren, so its pretty special. The merchandise is harder to pick, because I wasnt as focused on it as I was on the magazines. I really like the three match- ing Sanjulian posters, for Uncle Creepy, Cousin Eerie, and Vampirellathey make a nice set, and one of these days Im going to frame them. MMW: What advice can you give someone who is just starting out collecting War- renobilia? HORNE: Buy my book! Ha ha, just kidding. Actually, there are two main things I would tell collectors, of anything, not just War- ren. One is to determine up front whether youre collecting for investment or for plea- sure. Either way can be rewarding, but with the former, it will cost you more and you have to be more knowledgeable about collecting traditions and very critical about what you purchase; with the latter, you can ignore a lot of that stuff and just have fun. The other is to be patient; prices fluctu- ate and, aside from the rarest of items, ev- erything comes around again and again, so you can afford to bide your time and wait for what you want at the price you want, rather than jumping quickly and ei- ther paying too much or getting something that wasnt in the condition you wanted. MMW: Where can one purchase a copy of

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