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Hudson - Litchfield News May 13, 2011 - 3

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

Hudson Police Employee Association Thank-You

On behalf of the Hudson Police Employee Association, I want to thank all of you who supported us through our recent fundraiser.


would also like to extend our thanks to all of you who took time out of your Saturday night to go to our basketball game against the Patriot All Stars. We hope you were as entertained as we were and I for one am extremely grateful that it was a basketball game and not a football game. Those guys were monsters.

Again, on behalf of the HPEA we would like to

thank you for your continued support and we look forward to future events. Please feel free to browse our Web site and enjoy the photos: www.thehpea. com.

Matt Keller - Hudson

Jeanie Barkley Memorial Blood Drive

Giving is good; this was a phrase Jeanie lived by.

Jeanie lost her long fight with aplastic anemia on December 22, 2007. Those who knew Jeanie will always remember her contagious smile, her sense of humor and, of course, her giggle. In collaboration with the American Red Cross, friends and family will be holding its annual Jeanie Barkley Memorial Blood Drive and Marrow Registry on Friday, June 3, from 12-7 p.m. at the Hudson Community Center, 12 Lions Ave. With the great outpouring of support from the Hudson community over the past years, more than 500 units of blood have been collected. This year’s goal is another 175 units. Last year, the Red Cross provided us with great support staff, so there were no lines and no waiting.

Donation is easy … if you are healthy, at least

17 years old, weigh more than 110 pounds, and haven’t given blood in the past eight weeks, you can donate. Eat a good breakfast, hydrate before donating, and bring a photo ID. With the start of summer, there is an urgent need for blood. Blood supplies are low and donations are down. The American Red Cross needs your help. To schedule an appointment to donate, call 1-800-RED-CROSS. Over the past few years, the Jeanie Barkley Memorial Fund has not only sponsored this annual blood drive, it has awarded an annual scholarship to a graduating Alvirne senior who has epitomized the spirit of Jeanie. For more information, please check us out at Please come out and help us surpass our goal.

Just a little bit of time out of your hectic schedule can help give the gift of life. The need is constant. The gratification is instant. Become a regular blood donor. So many people are depending upon your help.

Remember … Giving is Good. Lisa Shumway, JBMF Blood Committee - Hudson

Mail Carriers’ Food Drive Reminder

Please remember that tomorrow, May 14,

your mail carriers will be delivering your mail, collecting your outgoing mail, and also collecting non-perishable food for our annual food drive. This food drive has proven to be a valuable resource to our local food banks and citizens in need of help. Please help by placing non-perishable food by your mailboxes tomorrow.

Frank Maglio, Food Drive Coordinator - Hudson

Hudson Pool & Spa Care Service~Filters~Liners~Chemicals

Baquacil Pristine Blue 1/2 Gal

$24.99 $44.00

5O lb. Chlorine Tabs 5O Ib. Bromine Tabs

Reserve your products while supplies last. Prices Subject to Change - Local delivery- Mins. apply 603-886-1789

76 Derry Road (Route 102 Plaza) Hudson, NH

$139.99 $159.99

A Level Playing Field Historically, when times are bad economically we look for something or someone to blame. This tendency becomes dangerous when it is a group we blame. This happened in pre-war Germany when, left devastated by World War I, the Germans blamed the Jews and the intellectuals. I see this same behavior occurring in our country: Certain media celebrity “stars” are making their millions by telling us it is the gays, the elite, the

immigrants, who are destroying this country’s financial solvency and, in the case of the gays, its morality.

It reminds me of the scene in The Wizard of

Oz when “Toto” pulls back the curtain and the big, phony wizard says “Pay no attention to that little doggie behind the curtain.” If only we had a little doggie to expose these creators of hatred and fear. We could solve the immigration dilemma by providing a pathway by which those who now live in the shadows, working two and three jobs, might be able to become American citizens so that all might compete on a level playing field. Caring about the least among us is not a new

idea. Jesus asked his followers to care for the poor and the vulnerable among us. For his defiance of the Roman Empire, Jesus was crucified. Let us not repeat history.

I am a proud liberal, the daughter of an

immigrant mother whose father came to this country to send money home (Italy) to his hungry family. He, like all new immigrants, was lured to

America with promises of “gold in the streets.” He was abused, as all new immigrants are. He worked 16-hour days hoping to go back to Italy. But in Italy in the 1800s, the church owned half of one’s yearly crop and the state owned the other half. So, not unique, he brought his family to America. Had there been a limit to Italian immigrants in those days, he would have come illegally because his family was poor and so hungry that they had to bury acorns in the ground in fall so as to eat during the winter. When he told this story, my grandfather would cry. He loved this country so much. And so, when I see how vilified undocumented

workers are, I think of my nono and I wonder how anyone who calls himself a moral person or who follows Christ’s teachings can fail to see this reality: the real American dream—liberty and justice for all.

I recommend people rent the movie A Face in

the Crowd starring Patricia Neal and Andy Griffith. Jean Serino - Hudson See more letters on page 7

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