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Women’s Health Estrogen Metabolism and

Its Effects on Women’s Health The potential impact of estrogen on a woman’s health and wellbeing is enormous. While much attention has been given to the subject of hormone replacement, there has been very little discussion regarding the importance of es- trogen metabolism, that is, how estrogen is broken down in the body. Read more on page 10.

Integrative Health

Fibromyalgia: An Integrative Approach Fibromyalgia is a pure clinical diagnosis that cannot be confirmed by specific lab- oratory tests or radiographic images. Quite often it is a symptom of an un- rec- ognized illness. Therefore, defining the trigger or driving force behind the chronic pain can potentially result in a subsequent cure of this problem. Read more on page 9.


Clean Water, Fresh Water. What about Your Drinking Water?

We all want the safest and best water for our family, whether for drinking, cooking, bathing or even wash- ing our clothes. But as our population continues to grow, so does our ever-increas- ing demand for water. On top of this, many new cleaning and lawn care products get washed down drains and sewer lines and, unfortunately, can end up in our fresh water supply in trace amounts. Read more on page 8.

Stress-Free Living

The #1 Health Destroyer Is All Natural It is linked to nearly every major disease and multiple non-lethal conditions that plague us. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, high blood pressure, peptic ulcers, headaches, chronic anxiety, depression and addictive disorders that foster unhealthy lifestyles are all scientifically linked to chronic stress. Did you know that you have the ability to turn off your stress, no matter what the situa- tion? In a recent discovery, it has been proven that you actually have a stress switch in your brain that you have the power to turn off. Read more on page 22.

An Exclusive Interview with Jay Shafer

Of the Tumbleweed Tiny

House Company By Mike Bundrant

Bigger is better has been the mantra in U.S. housing during recent decades, es- pecially in Southern California. Most of us have marveled at the gigantic, 4000 square foot boxes as we have driven through, or lived in, some typical housing developments. Times are changing, however. Experience in more re- cent years has taught us that money isn’t to be taken for granted. And the swing toward green living may finally be here to stay. Some of us are starting to reconsider the value of all that extra square footage.

We are a decade and a half behind Jay Shafer of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. For 12 of the last 15 years, Jay lived in a 100 square foot house. Tired of the high cost of living and the constant demand of tending to a larger home, Jay started his tiny house lifestyle in an Airstream trailer parked at a friend’s house. Realizing that he never really needed to return to large living, Jay searched unsuccessfully for more permanent tiny living solutions. Thus, his career as a tiny house designer was born.

Illegal to Live Small

“I wanted to live closer to town,” Jay told me during our phone conversation, “but found out I could not live on a standard residential lot in Iowa City in what would es- sentially be a very tiny house. It was against the city code. In order to live small, I had to buy a six hundred square foot house, which I rented to a friend. Then, I de- signed and built my own little Gothic style home on wheels, called it a “travel trailer,” stored it in my own yard and camped out every night for seven years on my own property! It’s a pretty convoluted way to live tiny.”

Part of Jay’s reasoning for living small was to reduce the use of raw materials and leave a smaller ecological footprint. Discovering that this committed eco-friendly lifestyle would not be permitted by the city was the ultimate challenge for Jay. “When I found out it was illegal, I just had to do it,” Jay remarked.

The social rebel 15 of years ago has turned into the hero of today. Heralded as a visionary, these days Jay Shafer can be found touring the country teaching peo- ple how to design and build their own tiny house. The benefits of tiny living to the environment and your pocketbook are enormous. If you are willing to Continued on page 23

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